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Poll: Married to the Job

It's hard sometimes to find balance between work and family time. Jobs can cause a person to get separated from his domestic life. Which of these men and women do you think handled more job-related stress than the others?

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    Michael Shannon in Boardwalk Empire (2010)

    Senior Agent Nelson Van Alden of the Bureau of Prohibition in the Department of Internal Revenue, married to Rose Van Alden,

    had a daughter named Abigail from an affair with Lucy Danziger

    him and his second wife Sigrid is under assumed identities as Mr. and Mrs. Mueller with their son Chester.

    *he is also a puritanical and repressed religious fundamentalist. Read more

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    Boyd Holbrook in Narcos (2015)

    DEA agent Stephen Murphy, married with one daughter, was involved in the successful manhunt for narcotics kingpin Pablo Escobar,

    Escobar used terror to get his way, his terror campaign claimed the lives of politicians, civil servants, journalists and ordinary citizens, and his net worth at the time estimated to $30 billion.

    Colombia is a very dangerous place for DEA agents, where some had $300,000 price tags on their heads. his wife (Connie), fed up with Colombia, took her daughter back to the United States (not in real life).

    * "It's been said that nothing gives the fearful more courage... than another's fear." Read more

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    Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco (1997)

    Joseph Dominick "Joe" Pistone, alias (Donnie Brasco), married to Maggie has three daughters, The family lives under false identities,

    is an undercover FBI agent infiltrating the Bonnano crime (family one of the five major organized crime families in New York City) for six years as a low-level jewel thief,

    The FBI had to erase Pistone's history, anyone who called asking for him would be told that no one by that name was employed there, His co-workers, friends, and informants had no idea what had happened to him.

    * has a degree in anthropology, took FBI gemology classes. Read more

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    Claire Danes and McKenna Keane in Homeland (2011)

    Caroline Anne "Carrie" Mathison is an operations officer working for the Central Intelligence Agency,

    she had an affair with Nicholas Brody an ex us marine (whom she thought was 'turned' after he got captured by Al-Qaeda) and had a daughter named Franny, From the age of 22 she has been dealing with bipolar disorder.

    * She has a Bachelor's degree in Near East Studies and Linguistics, speaks both Arabic and Farsi. Read more

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    Jimmi Simpson in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (2018)

    Detective Russell Poole of the Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide division, married to Megan Poole and has one son named Kurt,

    he believed that LAPD officers working for a gangster murdered The Notorious B.I.G. and the department is covering it up, he investigated The Notorious B.I.G. murder for approximately a year,

    *he investigated the murder of actor, activist and comedian Bill Cosby's son Ennis. Read more

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    Noah Emmerich and Callie Thorne in The Americans (2013)

    FBI counter-intelligence agent Stan Beeman is married to Sandra Beeman and has a son named Matthew,

    had an affair with Nina a Rezidentura (Soviet embassy) clerk, whom Stan is supposed to be blackmailing to spy for the FBI, Nina is tasked by the KGB to try and turn Stan but she starts to fall in love with him instead, later on he got separated from his wife,

    Oleg Igorevich blackmails Stan for the safety of Nina ,Stan didn't cooperate which resulted in Ninas return to Moscow to stand trial for treason, which lead to her execution.

    * Stan's neighbor's are Elizabeth & Philip Jennings both are KGB agents. Read more

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    Woody Harrelson in True Detective (2014)

    Detective Martin Eric "Marty” Hart of the Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigation Division, used to be married to Maggie Hart and has two daughters, Audrey and Maisie.

    He has earned the trust of his commanding officers and respect from his colleagues, he is usually tasked as the "lead detective".

    he retired from the police force after working on a crime involving a gruesome murder of a child at the hands of a "tweaker", and started his own private investigation firm, Hart Investigative Solutions.

    * thinks of himself as a "regular type dude...with a big-ass dick." Read more

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    Josh Duhamel in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. (2018)

    Detective Greg Kading of the Los Angeles Police Department, married to Donna Kading and has one son named Dane,

    he led a multi-agency task force that investigated the 20-year-old murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

    has alleged that Sean 'Diddy' Combs offered Crips gang member Duane Keith “Keffe D” Davis $1 million to kill Tupac Shakur and his manager, Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight,

    *with a 25 years career, he received the LAPD’s Medal of Valor and its Police Star for heroic action, also achieved the highest ranking for an investigator that the LAPD gives. Read more

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    Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off (1997)

    FBI agent Sean Archer, married to Dr. Eve Archer and has one daughter named Jamie.

    he survived an assassination attempt, but the bullet penetrated Archer's chest and struck his son Michael, killing the boy.

    Sean had to go through a face transplant operation with Castor Troy the same terrorist that murdered his son, in order to infiltrate his close circle and find the location of their next attack.

    * "When we put this thing away, you can brand the 4th amendment on my butt". Read more

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    Mireille Enos in The Killing (2011)

    Sarah Linden married to Greg Linden and had a son with him who they named Jack, the two divorced years latter,

    her mother abandoned her when she was 5 years old,

    she would run every couple of days from her foster home, as an adult she is used to run away from things (relationships, family, friends, her job).

    * Her history of love interests show a pattern of older men. Read more

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    Holt McCallany and Stacey Roca in Mindhunter (2017)

    FBI Special Agent Bill Tench in the Behavioral Science Unit, married to Nancy Tench and has one son named Brian,

    Bill was among the first team in the FBI to examine suspects psychological behavior rather than plain evidence and circumstance of the crime, he and his team coined the term (serial killer).

    Bill interviews imprisoned serial killers, in order to further understands what drives them to commit such crimes,

    * at one point Brian's babysitter discovered a crime scene photo showing a victim with a wooden pole inserted in her anus, the babysitter is too afraid to continue working at the house. Read more

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    Naomi Watts in Fair Game (2010)

    CIA Operative Valerie Plame Wilson, married to former U.S Diplomat Joseph C. Wilson, parents to twins Trevor & Samantha, also twins Sabrina & Joseph from Wilson's previous marriage,

    Wilson criticized the Bush administration with an op-ed article not supporting the 2003 invasion of Iraq, stating that he did not find evidence in Africa that Iraq is obtaining nuclear materials from Niger,

    as a result the Bush administration retaliated by having Valerie's identity as covert officer leaked, in order to discredit Wilson.

    *As an CIA Operative Valerie told Wilson that she was an energy trader in Brussels, on their first date. Read more

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    Dominic West in The Wire (2002)

    Detective James 'Jimmy' McNulty of the Baltimore Police Department, used to be married to Elena McNulty ,has two sons Sean and Michael.

    * disliked by several of his superiors due to his tendency to go around the chain of command to set up investigation. Read more

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