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Poll: actors who have portrayed Hawkman

a list of every one who has played the dc comics character Hawkman. both animation and live action are included

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    Bill Nuckols

    Legends of the Superheros
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    Michael Shanks

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    Vic Perrin

    Filmathion shorts showed in between Aquaman segments
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    Jack Angel

    all Superfriends shows
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    James Remar

    Justice League Unlimted
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    Robert Patrick

    The Batman
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    William Katt

    Batman the Brave and the Bold
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    David Kaye

    DC Superfreinds
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    Michael Gough

    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
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    Jason Liebrecht

    DC Universe Online
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    Troy Baker

    Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes
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    Carlos Alazraqui

    DC Nation short Sword of the Atom
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    Seth Green

    Robot Chicken

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