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Poll: Actors who Turned their Career around

There are a few actors who managed to gain a certain reputation - and then get rid of it, creating an utterly new public view on them.

Which of these new directions an actor followed do you appreciate the most?

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    Hugh Laurie

    From the quirky, comedic actor often collaborating with Stephen Fry, to the dark and depressive Dr. House.
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    Clint Eastwood

    From the tough gunslinger to the thoughtful and analytic actor and director.
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    Takeshi Kitano

    From Japan's favorite comedian to the serious actor-director, producing nihilistic and violent movies.
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    Tom Hanks

    From the nice young man (in comedies) to the Oscar-winning dramatic actor.
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    Matthew McConaughey

    From the superficial hunk to one of the coolest and most earnest performers.
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    Leslie Nielsen

    From the stiff character actor to the leading man in zany ZAZ comedies.
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    Ben Affleck

    From the Academy Award winning Screenwriter to the star of silly Blockbusters to another Academy Award triumph with Argo, the pinnacle of his resume as a serious director.
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    Bryan Cranston

    From Malcolm's goofy father to the drug dealing Walter White.
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    Bruce Willis

    From the sitcom star and part-time blues singer to one of THE action icons.
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    Mel Gibson

    From the likeable hero of action movies to the controversial director of "The Passion of the Crhist" and "Apocalypto".

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