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Poll: 8 Most Desirable Women of AskMen

Who from the following women in the top 8 Most Desirable Women of AskMen magazine for year 2014 is the most deserved to win this title.

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    Emilia Clarke

    Number 1 in AskMen List Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones
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    Alison Brie

    Number 2 in AskMen List Annie Edison from Community and Trudy Campbell from Mad Men
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    Emily Ratajkowski

    Number 3 in AskMen List Blurred Lines Music Video
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    Jennifer Lawrence

    Number 4 in AskMen List Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games
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    Emma Watson

    Number 5 in AskMen List Nicki Moore from The Bling Ring and herself in the movie The End
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    Kate Upton

    Number 6 in AskMen List American model and actress
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    Kerry Washington

    Number 7 in AskMen List Broomhilda von Schaft from Django Unchained
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    Amy Adams

    Number 8 in AskMen List Sydney Prosser from American Hustle

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