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Poll: When is Film Censorship legitimate?

Is film censorship legitimate and, if it is, in which cases and how (and by whom) should it be handled?

Although many would probably tend to reject most types of censorship in a liberal society, some if not all might qualify this when considering cases such as excessive brutality or torture, racism, political propaganda, child pornography, explicit rape, promoting terrorism and any number of other. Does one draw a line? An if yes, where? ... and who should we entrust to do this?

The options below range from "1 = no censorship" to "4 = strict state censorship". The last option, "5 - None of the above" includes a link to a discussion thread if you would like to comment further.

Note: Although most countries have struggled with this issue, the main emphasis of this poll is Hollywood and the U.S. film industry. Film rating systems, as practised today in many countries, has been mostly ignored in this poll since it generally does not censor films for an entire audience but suggests target age groups.

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    The Birth of a Nation (1915)

    1 = No censorship whatsoever is legitimate.

    In a liberal, free-market and free-speech society no type of censorship can be condoned; every responsible individual is able to decide for himself what films to see.

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    The Profit (2001)

    2 = Censorship only through court orders and for individual productions.

    Censorship is only possible by going through the civil and/or criminal court system.

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    3 = Censorship through voluntary industry standards.

    Voluntary industry standards exist in many areas and are both reliable and more efficient than government institutions.

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    Divine in Pink Flamingos (1972)

    4 = Censorship through standing state boards.

    Needed censorship can only be provided by an unbiased state institution.

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    Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

    5 = None of the above.

    None of the above options fit, I have a different take on this...

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