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Poll: Face-Off: Blindspot Big Bads

The popular NBC crime thriller 'Blindspot' series finale aired on July 23, 2020.

Looking back, which of these 'big bads' do you think was the greatest challenge to the team?

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    Michelle Hurd in Blindspot (2015)

    Sandstorm, led by Ellen "Shepherd" Briggs (Seasons 1-2)
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    Luke Mitchell in Blindspot (2015)

    Roman Briggs (Seasons 2-3)
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    David Morse in Blindspot (2015)

    Hank Crawford (Season 3)
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    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in I Came to Sleigh (2020)

    Madeline Burke (Seasons 4-5)
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    Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander in Awl In (2020)

    ZIP (Gotta Hate That Stuff!)

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