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Poll: Songs About Movies

Which of these songs about movies is music to your ears?

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*must be about movies in general, not specific films, actors or characters

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    Carl Perkins

    Movie Magg

    Now, let me take you to the movies, Magg, so I can hold your hand. // Oh, it ain't that I don't like your house, it's just that doggone man // and that double barrel behind the door that waits for me, I know. // Oh, climb upon old Becky's back and let's ride to the picture show.

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    Jefferson Airplane

    War Movie

    In nineteen hundred and seventy-five all the // People rose from the countryside to move against // You government man d'you understand locked // Together hand in hand all through this unsteady land-- // Gonna roll roll roll the rock around roll roll roll the rock // Around lift the rock out of the ground

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    The Kinks

    Celluloid Heroes

    Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star, // And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are. // There are stars in every city, // In every house and on every street, // And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard // Their names are written in concrete!

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    Joan Baez

    The Song At The End Of The Movie

    This is the song at the end of the movie // When the house lights go on // The people go home // The plot's been resolved // It's all over

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    David Crosby

    Cowboy Movie

    Me and my good partners we were riding back to our camp // We were feeling very fine air was clear and slightly damp // We were riding back to have ourselves a party // To celebrate the robbing of the train

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    Paul Simon

    That's Why God Made the Movies

    When I was born // My mother died // She said, 'Bye bye, baby, bye bye // I said, 'Where you goin'? // I'm just born // She said, 'I'll only be gone for a while' // My mother loved to leave in style // That's why God made the movies

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    The Kinks

    Groovy Movies

    Sometimes I think I'm gonna better myself, // Searching for acceptance in this big, wide world. // Sometimes I think I won't make it, // Playing in a rock 'n' roll band. // Sometimes I want to be a picture director, // And try to make the world understand.

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    Brian Wilson

    (with Van Dyke Parks)

    Movies Is Magic

    Movies is magic // Real life is tragic // Fundamental though it seems // When you're livin' in your dream // And you wake up it's over // Movies is magic

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    Jim Morrison

    The Movie

    The movie will begin in five moments // The mindless voice announced // All those unseated will await the next show.

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    Pink Floyd

    Yet Another Movie

    One sound, one single sound // One kiss, one single kiss // A face outside the window pane // However did it come to this?

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    Carly Simon

    Film Noir

    Got on in New Haven // Last car on the train. // Put my hat on the seat, // Wipe the tears from my eyes.

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    Steely Dan

    Everyone's Gone to the Movies

    Kids if you want some fun // Mr. LaPage is your man // He's always laughing, having fun // Showing his films in the den // Come on, come on // Soon you will be eighteen // I think you know what I mean // Don't tell your mama // Your daddy or mama // They'll never know where you been

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    Elton John

    I've Seen That Movie Too

    I can see by your eyes you must be lying // When you think I don't have a clue // Baby you're crazy // If you think that you can fool me // Because I've seen that movie too

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    Suzanne Vega

    If You Were In My Movie

    If you were in my movie // I'd have you as the doctor // Small black bag // And a big black coat //

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Psychic spies from China // Try to steal your mind's elation // And little girls from Sweden // Dreams of silver screen quotation // And if you want these kind of dreams // It's Californication

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    Exit Music (For a Film)

    Wake // From your sleep // The drying of // Your tears // Today // We escape // We escape

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    Belle & Sebastian

    Like Dylan in the Movies

    Lisa's kissing men like a long walk home // When the music stops // Take a tip from me, don't go through the park // When you're on your own, it's a long walk home

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    Movie Theme

    Looking for a ladder // In the stratosphere // So I can be happy // Let my bones melt away

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    Cinema Remix (Non-remixed version by Benny Benassi)

    I could watch you for a lifetime // You're my favorite movie // A thousand endings // You mean everything to me // I never know what's coming // Forever fascinating // But you don't stop running // To me 'cause I'll always be waiting

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    Taylor Swift

    If This Was A Movie

    Last night I heard my own heart beating // Sounded like footsteps on my stairs // Six months gone and I'm still reaching // Even though I know you're not there // I was playing back a thousand memories, baby // Thinking 'bout everything we've been through // Maybe I've been going back too much lately // When time stood still and I had you

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    Miley Cyrus

    If We Were a Movie

    If we were a movie // You'd be the right guy // And I'd be the best friend // That you'd fall in love with in the end

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