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Poll: Thursday Throwback : Legendary one-eyed directors ...

Whether an accident or an early health condition made them lose an eye or sight in one, it didn't prevent these legendary directors to have successful careers and be major influences in their own respective fields.

Which one left the greatest legacy?

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    Fritz Lang

    LEGACY : A master of dark and shadowy atmospheres and heart-pounding psychological thriller such as "M" and the "Dr Mabuse" movies, this father of Expressionist Cinema paved the way that would lead to the success of film-noir in America and Hitchcock's suspense movies. But Lang is also the director of one of the greatest Sci-fi movies ever "Metropolis", a high-scaled futuristic epic tale with exciting and intriguing social and religious undertones. With his extraordinary use of imagery and richness in content, Lang is perhaps the first director who understood that the power of movie-making could go beyond the limits of mass entertainment, a film that shows something is good, but if it says something, it's even better.
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    John Ford

    LEGACY : A cinematic pioneer who inspired a whole generation of filmmakers (Orson Welles watched "Stagecoach" almost fourty times while making "Citizen Kane"), he's not just the most emblematic director of the Western-genre but also a gifted artist who sometimes, flamboyantly, some others poignantly, depicted the history and the roots of America from the Conquest of the West to the Great Depression, from Monument Valley to the Emerald Isle. And of course, he's the man who launched the career of an American icon : John Wayne.
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    Raoul Walsh

    LEGACY : A prolific director who specialized in the crime genre, his most famous works include "The Roaring Twenties", "They Drive by Night", "The Strawberry Blonde", "High Sierra" and one of the most celebrated gangster noir classics "White Heat". As far as film-making went, if he didn't quite make it to the 'top of the world', his greatest contribution to Cinema was to have allowed a 42-yeard old actor, used to supporting roles of sidekicks and antagonists, to be for the first time the lead in "High Sierra", his name was Humphrey Bogart, a legend was born with this film.
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    Tex Avery

    LEGACY : Perhaps the most influential director of modern animation, he can be perceived as an anti-Disney. His parodic ahead-of-its-time humor mostly relied on sight gags, over-the-top animation and continuous fourth-wall breaking -a hysterical chase scene would be interrupted with a sign saying 'corny, isn't it?'- appealing to both kids and adults. Indeed, he'll forever be remembered for such creations as the wolf's frenetic howling toward so-realistically sexy redhead, the laconic Droopy and Screwy Squirrel during his MGM period. At Warner Bros, well, he only created Porky Pig, Daffy Duck ... and Bugs Bunny.
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    André De Toth

    (suggested by yrnej)

    LEGACY : (from IMDb) He was known for his tough, hard-edged pictures, whether westerns or urban crime dramas, and showed no compunction about depicting violence in as realistic a manner as possible, an unusual and somewhat controversial attitude for the time. Probably his best known film is "House of Wax", the film was a critical and financial success, and is generally considered to be the best 3-D film ever made.

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