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Poll: Favorite former Daily Show correspondent or host*?

*more than one year With the upcoming departure of John Oliver, look back at the correspondents and host who preceded him and pick your favorite (not just from their time on TDS).

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    Dan Bakkedahl

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    A. Whitney Brown

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    Steve Carell

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    Wyatt Cenac

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    Stephen Colbert

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    Nate Corddry

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    Rob Corddry

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    Vance DeGeneres

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    Stacey Woods

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    Rachael Harris

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    Ed Helms

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    Craig Kilborn

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    Beth Littleford

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    Olivia Munn

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    John Oliver

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    Rob Riggle

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    Mo Rocca

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    Jeffrey Ross

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    Jeff Stilson

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    Miriam Tolan

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    Brian Unger

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    Nancy Carell

    Known then as Nancy Walls
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    Matt Walsh

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    Lauren Weedman

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    Bob Wiltfong

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    Lizz Winstead

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