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Poll: Riddle Me This: Casting for Edward Nygma

Batman's iconic villain was missed in Warner Brothers last franchise directed by Christopher Nolan. Rumors suggest Riddler will be showing up in upcoming DC Cinematic Universe films. Here are some favorite choices of actors from various superhero forums and articles for the Riddler. Who is your top choice? Discuss the list here

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    Domhnall Gleeson

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    Jim Carrey

  3. Vote!

    Alexander Skarsgård

  4. Vote!

    Daniel Radcliffe

  5. Vote!

    Eddie Redmayne

  6. Vote!

    Mark Rylance

  7. Vote!

    Garret Dillahunt

  8. Vote!

    Adam Devine

  9. Vote!

    Simon Pegg

  10. Vote!

    Sacha Baron Cohen

  11. Vote!

    Peter Dinklage

  12. Vote!

    Damian Lewis

  13. Vote!

    Johnny Depp

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    Jake Johnson

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    Gustaf Skarsgård

  16. Vote!

    Zachary Quinto

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    Adam Driver

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    Aidan Gillen

  19. Vote!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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    John Gallagher Jr.

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    Andrew Scott

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    Bill Skarsgård

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    Mark Duplass

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    Dane DeHaan

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    Sam Rockwell

  26. Vote!

    Matt Smith

  27. Vote!

    Ben Foster

  28. Vote!

    David Tennant

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    Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Ben Stiller

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    Topher Grace

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    Shia LaBeouf

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    Cillian Murphy

  34. Vote!

    Matthew Goode

  35. Vote!

    Jack Black

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