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Poll: Most Surprising Food Advertising Trick

Food featured on T.V. in commercials is meant to make our mouths water and get us to drive to the restaurant to purchase the product. Most of the time, it works. But getting the perfect picture of a burger, bowl of cereal, or soda is harder than you'd think. Here's some of the tricks used by photographers to achieve a great ad - and some of them are really weird. Which one do you find the most shocking? Discuss here... just don't talk with your mouth full!

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    Ice Cream Nation (2013)

    Say, "Potatoes!" When it's time for the ice cream pictures, they are sometimes scooping up colored mashed potatoes - that gives it that smooth look, and unlike ice cream, potatoes won't melt during a long photo session.
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    Hamburger America (2004)

    When filming hot foods like burgers, fried chicken, etc, photographers place steaming cotton balls behind the plate to create the 'piping hot' look. Who wants a mouth full of cotton balls?
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    Pancakes (2017)

    For pancakes/waffles, engine oil - no, really, engine oil - is sometimes used instead of syrup for a thick looking texture, and to keep the cakes from getting soaked.
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    Apples (2016)

    To make fruit appear shiny and fresh on camera, deodorant or hairspray can be put on it. Maybe that's why the apple killed Snow White.
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    Coca-Cola: My Hero (2010)

    Antacids can be added to soda to make it look even more fizzy. Got heartburn? Have a photographed Cola!
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    Hamburger America (2004)

    Here's another one for the burg: sometimes, shoe polish is put on the top bun for that nice, brown look. Guess the burger-shine boy did that for a dime.
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    Butterfiles and Breakfast Cereal (2014)

    The "milk" is cereal bowls on ads isn't milk at all - it's nothing but Elmer's School Glue! That way the cereal doesn't get soggy during the photo shoot - I hope that preschoolers aren't trying to make crafts with milk, though.
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    Food Network Thanksgiving (2005)

    Chicken and turkey in commercials is left undercooked, sometimes sprayed with paint for the appearance of golden-brown-ness, and can be stuffed with paper towels to make it look fatter. Don't cut me off a piece of that.
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    Strawberry (2016)

    Strawberries starring in ads can be covered with red lipstick to enhance their color. Handy if the photographer is into food and styling.
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    MiLK (2018)

    Milk in ads often has soap water in the cup as well - EWWW! - so it can look nice and creamy and bubbly. Again, EWWW!
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    Kids Baking Championship (2015)

    Cardboard can be placed between the layers of a commercial cake to make the desert appear both fuller and have more room for frosting. To that I say, "How dare you fool me about the icing contents!"
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    Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire (1996)

    Most ice cubes on T.V. aren't ice at all - they're plastic. That's how they all look so perfect and uniform. Yuck...

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