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Poll: My (Real Life) Bodyguard

Playing tough in movies is easy, but if you're looking for someone to protect you outside of the film world, you want someone who legitimately knows their stuff. From these movie stars with genuine experience in keeping a target from harm, who would you trust with your life?

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    Dolph Lundgren

    Karate champ who broke into show business while working as a bodyguard / being a boyfriend to Grace Jones.
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    Richard Norton

    A "bodyguard to the stars" with a client list that included Linda Ronstadt, David Bowie, and Stevie Nicks.
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    Mr. T

    Ex-MP who later guarded both Leon Spinks and Muhammad Ali.
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    Kim Penn

    Deadly gwailo dame from Hong Kong cinema, experienced bodyguard and director of a Hong Kong security agency.
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    Steven Seagal

    Various sources claim he's protected Desmond Tutu, the Shah of Iran, Michael Ovitz, and Kelly LeBrock. More verifiably, he was the bodyguard of Tibetan icon Yabshi Pan Rinzinwangmo.
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    Chuck Zito

    Former Hell's Angels leader who's protected Michael Jackson, Sean Penn, and Sylvester Stallone.
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    Michael Clarke Duncan

    Reportedly picked up pointers on acting while guarding Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, and Will Smith.
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    Bo Svenson

    Bodyguard to royalty: King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.
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    Jesse Ventura

    Navy SEAL turned pro wrestler turned actor turned state governor...and somewhere in there, he protected the Rolling Stones.
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    Terry Crews

    Went from being an NFL player to part of rapper Ice Cube's security team.
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    Ken Lo

    Kickboxer who became Jackie Chan's bodyguard and onscreen opponent.
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    Katheryn Winnick

    Has bodyguard training, plus two black belts in martial arts.

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