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Poll: IMDb Poll Board Member's First Anime Series!

Which of these introductory anime series* would you recommend to others unfamiliar/inexperienced with this style of animated TV series?

Animate your feelings about these introductory anime TV series ... but with words... over here!

*List compiled of anime titles from participating IMDb poll members and the series that first introduced them to the genre.

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    Star Blazers (1979)

    Tsarstepan's first anime series.
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    Doraemon (1979)

    Silitonga's first anime series.
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    Knights of the Zodiac (1986)

    Pencho15's first anime series.
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    Dragon Ball Z (1989)

    BONAFIDE BOSS' and CyrilMartin's first anime series.
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    Ninja Robots (1985)

    Nikolay Yeriomin (Mykola Yeromin)'s first anime series.
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    Zillion (1987)

    mariojacobs's first anime series.
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    Pokémon (1997)

    Brijesh's first anime series.
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    Devil May Cry: The Animated Series (2007)

    Master_Strange's first anime series.

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