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Poll: The Incorrigible, Contemptuous, Cowardly Dr. Smith?

Which Doctor Smith is the most deplorable in your mind?

Warn your own Will Robinsons of danger over here!

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    Jonathan Harris in Lost in Space (1965)

    Doctor Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) from Lost in Space (1965). He's untrustworthy, cravenly, dastardly, and pathological.

    "Yours not to question why; yours to do as I say or die."

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    Gary Oldman in Lost in Space (1998)

    Dr. Zachary Smith AKA (sigh) Spider Smith (Gary Oldman) from Lost in Space (1998). He was placed in a position of ultimate trust as the mission's medical officer. He's greedy, arrogant, homicidal, and ultimately very spidery (but not in an adorable Lucas the Spider way).
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    Parker Posey in Lost in Space (2018)

    June Har... I mean ... um... Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) from Lost in Space (2018). She's unpredictable, deeply disturbed yet still charismatic, shrewd, and manipulative.
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    Leonard Stone in Lost in Space (1965)

    "There are worse individuals or collective of individuals in either the known or unknown universes than Doctor Smith."

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