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Poll: Oddest Casting Choice for a Real-Life Person

Sometimes, when a certain actor or actress plays a real person, he/she is so perfect for the role that you can't imagine anyone else playing it (Patton, Gandhi, Invictus). Other times, the announcement that so-and-so is playing so-and-so just makes you scratch your head. I'm not saying they all did a bad job, but which of these casting choices do you find the most unlikely?

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    Grey Owl (1999)

    Pierce Brosnan as Archie Grey Owl in "Grey Owl."
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    Gerard Butler at an event for Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

    Gerard Butler as Attila the Hun in "Attila."
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    James Cagney "Yankee Doodle Dandy" 1941 Warner

    James Cagney as George M. Cohan in "Yankee Doodle Dandy."
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    Willem Dafoe as Jesus Christ in "The Last Temptation of Christ."
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    Jeff Daniels in The Crossing (2000)

    Jeff Daniels as George Washington in "The Crossing."
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    Johnny Depp in Public Enemies (2009)

    Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in "Public Enemies."
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    Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator (2004)

    Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in "The Aviator."
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    Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin (1992)

    Robert Downey, Jr., as Charlie Chaplin in "Chaplin."
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    Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette in "Marie Antoinette."
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    Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell in Alexander (2004)

    Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great in "Alexander."
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    Colin Farrell in The New World (2005)

    Colin Farrell as John Smith in "The New World."
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    Errol Flynn as George Custer in "They Died with Their Boots On."
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    Louis Gossett Jr. in Sadat (1983)

    Louis Gossett, Jr. as Anwar al-Sadat in "Sadat."
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    Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor (2003)

    Kelsey Grammer as George Washington in "Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor."
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    Ed Harris in Copying Beethoven (2006)

    Ed Harris as Beethoven in "Copying Beethoven."
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    Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon in "Nixon."
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    Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michael Rooker in JFK (1991)

    Tommy Lee Jones as Clay Shaw in "JFK."
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    Ashton Kutcher in Jobs (2013)

    Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in "Jobs."
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    Madonna in Evita (1996)

    Madonna as Eva Perón in "Evita."
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    Crossbones (2014)

    John Malkovich as Blackbeard in "Crossbones."
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    Bill Murray in Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

    Bill Murray as FDR in "Hyde Park on Hudson."
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    Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious in "Sid & Nancy."
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    Ryan O'Neal in A Bridge Too Far (1977)

    Ryan O'Neal as Brigadier General Gavin in "A Bridge Too Far."
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    Robert Pattinson in Little Ashes (2008)

    Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dalí in "Little Ashes."
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    Brad Pitt in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

    Brad Pitt as Jesse James in "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford."
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    Jack Palance in The Mercenary (1968)

    Jack Palance as Fidel Castro in "Che!"
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    Jürgen Prochnow

    Jürgen Prochnow as Arnold Schwartzenegger in "See Arnold Run."
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    Alan Rickman

    Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan in "Lee Daniels' The Butler."
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    "Magnum P.I." Tom Selleck

    Tom Selleck as King Ferdinand in "Christopher Columbus: The Discovery."
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    Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif in Funny Girl (1968)

    Omar Sharif as Nick Arnstein in "Funny Girl."
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    Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia (2009)

    Meryl Streep as Julia Child in "Julie and Julia."
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    Charlize Theron in Monster (2003)

    Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos in "Monster."
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    John Wayne and Susan Hayward in The Conqueror (1956)

    John Wayne as Genghis Khan in "The Conqueror."
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    Robin Williams in Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013)

    Robin Williams as Dwight D. Eisenhower in "Lee Daniels' The Butler."
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    Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line (2005)

    Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line."

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