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Poll: Greatest Western sidekick?

These (often old) pardners were relied on in hundreds of Western movies and TV shows to back up the star and provide humor between shoot-outs. Which of these actors who often played sidekicks did you most enjoy watching?

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    Walter Brennan

    often appeared in Gary Cooper's westerns and played Grandpa on "The Real McCoys" for over 220 episodes
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    Smiley Burnette

    played Gene Autry's sidekick in over 80 films
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    Pat Buttram

    replaced Smiley Burnette as Gene Autry's sidekick, played Mr. Haney on over 140 episodes of "Green Acres"
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    Leo Carrillo

    played Pancho Villa in several productions, including over 150 episodes of "The Cisco Kid"
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    Andy Clyde

    replaced Gabby Hayes as Hopalong Cassidy's sidekick and played California Carlson for years in movies and on television and radio
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    Ken Curtis

    appeared in many John Ford films, over 300 episodes of Gunsmoke as Festus
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    Andy Devine

    over 100 episodes of "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" as Jingles Jones, appeared in several John Ford films
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    Jack Elam

    over 200 credits in western films and tv shows
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    George 'Gabby' Hayes

    sidekick to William Boyd in the Hopalong Cassidy films, sidekick to John Wayne 15 times
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    Slim Pickens

    described as the Gabby Hayes of the '60s and '70s, often played the trail boss or cook including in Blazing Saddles
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    Jay Silverheels

    The Cowboy and the Indians, over 200 episodes of "The Lone Ranger" as Tonto
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    Al St. John

    sidekick of Buster Crabbe, Robert Livingston and Lash La Rue, appeared in over 300 films including several for Mack Sennett with the Keystone Cops
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    Chill Wills

    The Alamo, The Rounders, only performer nominated for an Oscar for playing a sidekick

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