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Poll: Who Should Be The Next Joker?

Warner Bros. and DC are in the beginning stages of developing another Batman Universe spinoff movie, in which they will tell the origin story of The Joker. This film will be directed by Todd Phillips and is bringing on the talents of Martin Scorsese to produce.

Who do you think would bring us the most interesting take on the character?

After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

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    Bill Skarsgård

  2. Vote!

    Caleb Landry Jones

  3. Vote!

    Cameron Monaghan

  4. Vote!

    Will Poulter

  5. Vote!

    Iwan Rheon

  6. Vote!

    Paul Dano

  7. Vote!

    Joaquin Phoenix

  8. Vote!

    Jackie Earle Haley

  9. Vote!

    Tom Hiddleston

  10. Vote!

    LaKeith Stanfield

  11. Vote!

    Jim Carrey

  12. Vote!

    Troy Baker

  13. Vote!

    Willem Dafoe

  14. Vote!

    James McAvoy

  15. Vote!

    Matthew McConaughey

  16. Vote!

    Jake Gyllenhaal

  17. Vote!

    Johnny Depp

  18. Vote!

    Gustaf Skarsgård

  19. Vote!

    Ryan Gosling

  20. Vote!

    Benedict Cumberbatch

  21. Vote!

    Adrien Brody

  22. Vote!

    Sam Rockwell

  23. Vote!

    André Holland

  24. Vote!

    Finn Wittrock

  25. Vote!

    Viggo Mortensen

  26. Vote!

    Robert Knepper

  27. Vote!

    James Franco

  28. Vote!

    Rami Malek

  29. Vote!

    Glenn Howerton

  30. Vote!

    Leonardo DiCaprio

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