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Poll: Face-Off: IMDb/Outfest Audience Award Winners 2021

Outfest is an LGBTQ-oriented nonprofit that produces two film festivals and it has announced the award winners of its 2021 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival.

For the first time ever, the nation’s leading LGBTQ festival collaborated with IMDb in choosing Audience Award winners, selecting them based on IMDb ratings.

Among other prizes and recognition, eligible Outfest Los Angeles winners received a one-year membership to IMDbPro.

Based on the plot outline, which is your favorite title with IMDb rating of 6.5 or higher?

Source: Outfest Los Angeles Film Festival 2021 Complete Winners List — Deadline

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    And Then (2021)

    Mana, a Japanese-American woman who arrives in Tokyo seeking to find a break from her life as an artist, meets Haru, a Japanese woman from the countryside who dreams of becoming an artist herself one day. (Narrative Short Audience Award)
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    Right to Try (2021)

    The business of HIV is uncovered through the lens of a long-term survivor, who puts his life on the line in search of a cure. (Documentary Short Audience Award)
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    Jupiter & Europa (2021)

    Owen has dreamed of being an astronaut his whole life, but living on Jupiter's moon Europa isn't all it's cracked up to be. One day, on a boring satellite maintenance mission, he breaks free from routine with someone who makes outer space feel just a little warmer. (Experimental Short Audience Award)
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    This Is Jessica (2021)

    From her earliest years, when Jessica Bair was being raised as a boy named Jonathan, she knew she was a girl. But born into the Mormon church, she also knew that admitting this out loud could cause her to lose everything-her family, her faith, her life on earth and her eternal soul. This is the story of a woman faced with an impossible choice between the life into which she was born, and the one she was born to live. (Documentary Feature Audience Award)
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    Death and Bowling (2021)

    In a fictional meta-critique on trans representation, a transgender actor struggles with what it means to be seen after the beloved captain of his lesbian bowling league dies and a mysterious stranger shows up at the funeral. (Narrative Feature Audience Award)

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