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Poll: Friday Face Off: The Djinn vs. Pinhead

These two horror movie icons both seem to come from some type of Hell, and they are both true leaders. The Djinn and Pinhead each have their own supernatural abilities and growing up I found them each scary in their own way. Each has a limitation, Pinhead needing to be summoned with the puzzlebox, and The Djinn needing wishes made to use his powers. Who is more powerful?

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    Andrew Divoff in Wishmaster (1997)

    The Djinn: Wishmaster-An ancient evil genie who tries to free the other Djinn to end the world. Grants any wish (twisting them into something fatal, if the wish is vague enough) in exchange for his victim's soul. He does have his limitations since he is incapable of doing anything with his powers without having a human ask him for something first.
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    Hellraiser (1987)

    Pinhead: Hellraiser- the leader of The Order of the Gash, a sadomasochistic religion whose adherents are the demonic torturers known as the Cenobites. Known for ripping victims apart with hooked chains. Very powerful in his realm, he can only be brought to Earth and sent back using the puzzlebox.

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