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Poll: A Look at Satchmo - Part I

Louis Armstrong is unquestionably the biggest icon of dixie jazz. He was the king on the trumpet and had a special distinctive voice that was unique. Duke Ellington said about him:

'He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.'

Please remember Louis Armstrong lived from 1901 to 1971. That was a time when African Americans had even more significant struggles than today.

According to the choice of IMDb poll board users: If you were a producer, with a budget of $60 million or above, which director below would you choose to make a biographical drama about Louis Armstrong?

(Note: This poll is a fictional issue.)

Louis Armstrong

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A big thank you to the users who suggested directors for this list. ;)

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    Steve McQueen

    '12 Years a Slave', 'shame', 'Hunger'
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    Lee Daniels

    'Precious', 'The Butler'
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    Ava DuVernay

    'Selma', 'Middle of Nowhere'
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    Ryan Coogler

    'Fruitvale Station', 'Creed', 'Black Panther'
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    Tate Taylor

    'Get on up', 'The Help', 'Girl on the Train'
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    Steven Spielberg

    'The Color Purple', 'Amistad', 'Lincoln'
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    Taylor Hackford

  8. Vote!

    Edward Zwick

    'Glory', 'Blood Diamond'
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    Clint Eastwood

    'Invictus', 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Jersey Boys', 'Bird'
  10. Vote!

    Damien Chazelle

    'La la land', 'Whiplash', 'Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench', suggested by Timothy Gray.
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    Spike Lee

    'Mo' Better Blues', suggested by Timothy Gray.
  12. Vote!

    Julie Taymor

    'Frida', 'Across the universe', 'The Lion King' (Broadway version), suggested by Jen.
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    Mario Van Peebles

    'Panther', 'Black, White and Blues', 'Baadasssss!', Suggested by Jen.
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    Jordan Peele

    'Get Out', suggested by Jen.
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    Martin Scorsese

    'The Aviator', 'Casino', 'Hugo Cabret', suggested by Jen.
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    Dee Rees

    'Mudbound', 'Bessie', suggestion of rubyfruit76.
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    Rob Cohen

    'The Rat Pack', 'Alex Cross'
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    Thomas Carter

    'Swing Kids', 'When the Game Stands Tall', 'Save The Last Dance'
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    Baz Luhrmann

    'Moulin Rouge', "The Great Gatsby'
  20. Vote!

    Todd Haynes

    'Far From Heaven', 'Carol', 'I'm not There', suggested by rubyfruit76, Jen & rocky-o.
  21. Vote!

    Sean Baker

    'The Florida Project', 'Tangerine', 'Starlet', Suggested by rubyfruit76, rocky-o & Jen.
  22. Vote!

    Michael Gracey

    'The Greatest Showman'

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