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Poll: The Most Wonderful Hollywood Actor Aged 55+ Part II

Growing old is a pain for many people; some even say the main part of life is over at 60. But some people don't count on their age; they don't despair and enjoy their life better than before. When you look at such people as Julianne Moore or Susan Sarandon, you might realize that growing old can be nice when you have a rich and lovely personality. This also counts for many actors. Now look at these actors 55+ of age. Which of them is your favorite? Tell me about him.


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    Max von Sydow

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    Christopher Plummer

  3. Vote!

    Ron Howard

    Suggested by Dan Dassow
  4. Vote!

    Kurt Russell

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    Clancy Brown

  6. Vote!

    John Hawkes

  7. Vote!

    William Fichtner

  8. Vote!

    William Sadler

  9. Vote!

    Pierce Brosnan

    Suggested by joesiegel
  10. Vote!

    Sean Penn

    Suggested by rubyfruit76
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    Stellan Skarsgård

    Suggested by dan_dassow
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    Harvey Keitel

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    Tim Robbins

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    Tom Hanks

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    Graham Greene

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    Kevin Bacon

    Suggested by dan_dassow
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    J.K. Simmons

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    Dennis Quaid

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    Michael Madsen

  21. Vote!

    John Lithgow

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    Bill Murray

  23. Vote!

    Dolph Lundgren

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    Richard Dreyfuss

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    Danny Glover

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    Craig T. Nelson

  27. Vote!

    Mr. T

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    Sidney Poitier

    Suggested by rubyfruit76
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    Ian McShane

  30. Vote!

    Johnny Depp

    Suggested by blackbolt-3
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    Charles Dance

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
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    Ian McKellen

  33. Vote!

    Luis Guzmán

    Suggested by NarniaIsAwesome
  34. Vote!

    Sam Elliott

    Suggested by blackbolt-3
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    Mel Brooks

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