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To which generation do you belong?

Don't take the age-criteria too literally, if you're an in-betweener, pick the generation you feel you belong to.

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    Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

    The Silent Generation : the unsung heroes of the Greatest Generation.

    Roughly born between 1927 and 1942, too young to fight for a cause, they got to become rebels without one... being fans of Elvis, James Dean and Levi's Jeans.

    Musically, the generation wasn't that silent, they rocked... and rolled too. The wild ones got wiser with age, and embraced during adulthood less confused morals and more idealistic attitudes, among them Civil Rights movements and Women's rights.

    By the way, I didn't overlook the generation that fought during WW2 (or most endured its hardship), but are there really IMDb users over 90 out there?

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    Easy Rider (1969)

    The Baby Boomers : the Boom Generation or Hippies.

    Born near the end or right after WW2, between 1942 and 1959, they had the chance to grow during a time of economical prosperity while their parents rebuilt the country (they're not called 'Greatest Generation' for nothing).

    As kids, they experienced the Cold War, before coming to age with a hotter one from South Asia, ultimately inspiring them many calls for peace, love and fighting the power... with a flower.

    Easy riders and raging bulls, their privilege was to contribute to the greatest artistic period (music and movie-wise) between the late 60's and early 70's : the first modern counter-culture.

    And after that, they could settle down, have a career and retire happily before any crisis could point its ugly nose. If there ever is a lucky generation, that's the one.

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    The Breakfast Club (1985)

    Generation X : the Baby Busters

    Born immediately after the birth rate peak, between 1960 and 1979, Kurt Cobain was their Jim Morrison and Lollapalooza their Woodstock.

    John Hughes' darlings, MTV consumers or slick marketers during the the 80's, they learned to get what they want, their own way, whatever it takes because otherwise,, no one would care.

    Careless and independent-minded, most of them are disillusioned toward politics, society, sacred institutions and more generally, a life that moves pretty fast... without going anywhere.

    They used to say 'no future', that can explain why, now that the future became the present, some of them, dazed and confused, try to hide in the past à la Marty McFly, or to reconquer that teen spirit they used to smell.

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    The Social Network (2010)

    Generation Y : the Millenial Generation

    Born between 1980 and 1995, they're either the children of the Baby Boomers or the earlier X generation members.

    Growing up playing Game Boy, watching Ninja Turtles and recording programs on an odd prehistoric object called videotape, they're the last generation to enjoy an Internet and cell-phone free childhood or teenage years before it would invade their lives.

    Yet their coming-of-age coincided with more dramatic changes than popping technological bubbles, September 11 and War on Terror marking the rise of the Information age. The generation that could hardly remember the Cold War became the most preoccupied of the future of a world, that became the nest of never-ending conflicts.

    So it doesn't come as a surprise that the Millenial Generation, so excited when years started to start with 20-, became, even in their 20's, nostalgic of their childhood days.

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    LOL (2012)

    The New Silent Generation : Generation Z.

    To be fair, Generation Y had something of the Z already, but the Z-ers, born after 1995 had it from the start, and if they knew what kind of rudimentary childhood most Y-ers had, they'd probably LOL at them.

    And whatever nickname can be given to them, it is very likely to be connected, so to speak, with technology. For there's no doubt that the "Internet", "Facebook" "Google" or "e-"generation, regardless of their ages, already breathes I-phones, Internet, DVDs and Social Media.

    It's still early to give an accurate description of the Z-ers, attitudes, fashions and states of minds, because they're currently the New Silent generation.

    Or are they called so because it doesn't take much noise and talk for them to communicate?

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