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Poll: How often do you vote on a Poll?

Just for fun let's see how often people vote on the Poll.

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    Year of the Dragon (1985)

    At least once a year.
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    The 5th Quarter (2010)

    Every 3 months or quarterly.
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    Pirate Theatre: Monthly Daily Show (2013)

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    FMA Entertainement Weekly (2010)

    At least weekly - but it varies as to which day I vote.
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    Weekend at Bernie's (1989)

    I only vote on weekends
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    The Daily Show (1996)

    I vote EVERY DAY.
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    Hours (2013)

    I vote every couple of hours.
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    30 Minutes or Less (2011)

    I vote every couple of minutes....

    Why isn't there a new poll to vote on?!

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