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Poll: Best Fictional American President on the Big Screen

Of the following actors and actresses, who played the best Fictional American President on film? There were a lot to choose from, but these 20 represent the best of the best.


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    Bill Pullman

    as "President Thomas J. Whitmore" in Independence Day (1996)
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    Harrison Ford

    as "President James Marshall" in Air Force One (1997)
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    John Ritter

    as "President Chet Roosevelt" in Americathon (1979)
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    Michael Douglas

    as "President Andrew Shepherd" in The American President (1995)
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    Jack Lemmon

    as "President Russell P. Kramer" in My Fellow Americans (1996)
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    James Garner

    as "President Matt Douglas" in My Fellow Americans (1996)
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    Jamie Foxx

    as "President James William Sawyer" in White House Down (2013)
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    Peter Strauss

    as "President James Sanford" in xXx: State of the Union (2005)
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    Peter Sellers

    as "President Merkin Muffley" in Dr. Strangelove (1964)
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    Morgan Freeman

    as "President Tom Beck" in Deep Impact (1998) and as "President Allan Trumbull" in Angel Has Fallen (2019)
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    Aaron Eckhart

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    John Travolta

    as "President Jack Stanton" in Primary Colors (1998)
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    Terry Crews

    as "President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho" in Idiocracy (2006)
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    Ronny Cox

    as "President Jack Neil" in Murder at 1600 (1997)
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    Bob Newhart

    as "President Manfred Link" in First Family (1980)
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    Michael Keaton

    as "President John MacKenzie" in First Daughter (2004)
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    Kevin James

    as "President Will Cooper" in Pixels (2015)
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    Charlize Theron

    as "President Charlotte Field" in Long Shot (2019)
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    Julianne Moore

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    Polly Bergen

    as "President Leslie McCloud" in Kisses For My President (1964)

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