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Poll: Mexicans in U.S. Television

Absent for years, then only seen in small roles or cameos, Mexican actors have slowly won a place in United States television and now many of them have lead or recurring roles in famous series.

Which of these Mexican actors working in U.S. television plays your favourite role?

Poll by Pencho15

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    Martha Higareda

    As Kristin Ortega in Altered Carbon (2018)
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    Demián Bichir

    As Marco Ruiz in The Bridge (2013) Also Esteban Reyes in Weeds.
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    Karla Souza

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    Gael García Bernal

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    Eiza González

    As Santánico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)
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    Adan Canto

    As Aaron Shore in Designated Survivor (2016) also A.J. Menendez in Blood & Oil and Dominic in Mixology.
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    Sara Ramirez

    As Dr. Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy (2005) Also Kat Sandoval in Madam Secretary.
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    Jaime Camil

    As Rogelio de la Vega in Jane the Virgin (2014)
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    Natalia Cordova-Buckley

    As Elena 'Yo-Yo' Rodriguez in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)
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    Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

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    Ana de la Reguera

    As Marisol Silva in Goliath (2016) also Alicia Jiménez in Power.
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    Diego Boneta

    As Pete Martinez in Scream Queens (2015) also Miles in Underemployed.
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    Stephanie Sigman

    As Jessica Cortez in S.W.A.T. (2017) also Valeria Velez in Narcos and Eva in The Bridge.
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    Anthony Quinn

    As Thomas Jefferson Alcalá in The Man and the City (1971)
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    Daniela Bobadilla

    As Sam Goodson in Anger Management (2012) also Lexie Brooks in The Middle and Emma in Awake.
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    Ricardo Montalban

    As Mr. Roarke in Fantasy Island (1977) also Zach Powers in The Colbys and David Valerio in Executive Suite among others.
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    Paulina Gaitan

    As Jahel Valenzuela in The River (2012) also Tata Escobar in Narcos.
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    Alfonso Herrera

    As Hernando Herrera in Sense8 (2015) also Father Tomás Ortega in The Exorcist.
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    Ona Grauer

    As Abby St. James in The Bridge (2010) also Katarina Weigel in Intelligence and Katrina in The Collector among others.
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    Jacob Vargas

    As Domingo Colom in Luke Cage (2016) also Horacio in Mosaic and Allesandro Montez in Sons of Anarchy.
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    Laura Cerón

    As nurse Chuny Marquez in ER (1994) also Celia Delgado in Shameless.
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    Damián Alcázar

    As Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela in Narcos (2015)
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    Veronica Falcón

    As Camila Vargas in Queen of the South (2016)
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    Aarón Díaz

    As León Vélez in Quantico (2015)
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    Paola Nuñez

    As María García in The Son (2017)
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    Dyana Ortelli

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    Ana Alicia

    As Melissa Agretti Cumson in Falcon Crest (1981)
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    Bruno Bichir

    As Chief in Titans (2018) also Fernando Duque in Narcos and Sebastián Cerisola in The Bridge among others.

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