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Poll: Do You Have Any Last Words?

When the time comes, what would you like to say as your last words?

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    12 Angry Men (1957)

    "Well, so long!"
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    Apollo 13 (1995)

    "Gentlemen, it's been a privilege."
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    Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

    "THAT CAN'T BE!!! I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!!!... I want to live forever."
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    Blade Runner (1982)

    "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."
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    Blazing Saddles (1974)

    "Won't you excuse me for a moment while I ... slip into something a little more ... comfortable?"
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    Blood Diamond (2006)

    "It's all right. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."
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    Demolition Man (1993)

    "This is the best day of my life!"
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    Ghostbusters (1984)

    "See you on the other side."
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    Good Will Hunting (1997)

    "How do you like them apples?"
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    Insomnia (2002)

    "Let me sleep."
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    King of New York (1990)

    "I don't need forever."
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    Lethal Weapon (1987)

    "I’m too old for this."
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    Magnum Force (1973)

    "A man’s got to know his limitations."
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    Pitch Black (2000)

    "I was supposed to die in France. I never even saw France."
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    Scarface (1983)

    "F**k you!"
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    Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    "It's been a funny sort of day, hasn't it?"
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    Smokin' Aces (2006)

    "Am I really dying?"
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    South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

    "Goodbye, you guys."
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    Sudden Impact (1983)

    "Go ahead, make my day."
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    Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

    "Hasta la vista, baby."
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    The Aristocats (1970)

    "Wait a minute. I'm the leader, I say when it's the end ... It's the end."
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    The Italian Job (1969)

    "Hang on, lads; I've got a great idea."
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    The Porky Pig Show (1964)

    "That's all, folks!"
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    The Princess Bride (1987)

    "As you wish."
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    The Terminator (1984)

    "I’ll be back."
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    Toy Story (1995)

    "To infinity and beyond."
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    Vanilla Sky (2001)

    "I'll see you in another life. When we are both cats."
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    Videodrome (1983)

    "Long live the new flesh!"

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