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Poll: Honest Trailers VS Studio Trailers VS HISHE

How It Should Have Ended is a web series that makes animated satirical versions of movie, television series, and video game summaries with various major changes (often logical upgrades) to the production's plot (especially the ending).

Honest Trailers is a web series that makes animated satirical versions of movie trailers that point out obvious and not-so-obvious flaws in the targeted theatrically released films, television series, and video games it has chosen to openly mock.

For an upcoming theatrically released movie, television show, or video game in which you are hesitant and not so excited to see/play in the first place, would you rather watch the studio produced and released trailer to see if a production is worth consuming or just skip ahead while risking plot spoilers and partake in the Honest Trailers takedown or just dive eyes first the HISHE treatment which completely deconstructs the movie, changes the plot considerably, and throws back a completely demolished yet hysterically funny rewritten version of the film?

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    Lake Bell in In a World... (2013)

    I have faith in the studio system. I'll make up my mind by watching the studio produced trailer and determining my decision from there.
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    Honest Trailers (2012)

    Let me take a look at the production through unbiased eyes of a third party (Andy Signore and Brett Weiner). If it survives being ridiculed by Honest Trailers, I can better make a decision on whether to see/play the production in question.

    It doesn't hurt that we get to listen to mellifluous and soulful voiceover work of Jon Bailey.

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    How It Should Have Ended (2005)

    I trust/revel in the brutal judgment (and humor) of Tina Alexander and Daniel Baxter's dismantling of entire films, television seasons, and video games in their HISHE web series.

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