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Poll: Best Season 6 Episode 9

Following are one of the highest rated episodes of their respected tv series and all are coincidentally ninth in the sixth season.

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    The One Where Ross Got High (1999)

    Friends S06E09
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    Battle of the Bastards (2016)

    Game of Thrones S06E09
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    No Way Out (2016)

    The Walking Dead S06E09
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    Homer Badman (1994)

    The Simpsons S06E09
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    The Hand That Feeds You (2016)

    Suits S06E09
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    Jennings, Elizabeth (2018)

    The Americans S06E09
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    Ab Aeterno (2010)

    Lost S06E09
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    Glitter (2010)

    How I Met Your Mother S06E09
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    The Parking Spot Escalation (2012)

    The Big Bang Theory S06E09
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    Disciple (2013)

    Castle S06 E09
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    The Mooch at the Boo (2008)

    Two And a Half Men S06E09
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    The Better Half (2013)

    Mad Men S06E09
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    The Ride (2006)

    The Sopranos S06E09
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    Get Gellar (2011)

    Dexter S06E09
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    The Therapists (2007)

    Curb Your Enthusiasm S06E09
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    Burned (2015)

    Justified S06E09
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    Double Date (2009)

    The Office S06E09

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