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Poll: Movie Industry Job Title

If I work in the Film Industry, I'd like it to be as...

From a 2006 Poll

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    George Clooney

    A Movie Star
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    Steven Spielberg

    A Director
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    Andrew Kevin Walker

    A Screenwriter
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    John Williams

    A Composer
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    Janusz Kaminski

    A Cinematographer
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    Harvey Weinstein

    A Producer
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    Rick Baker

    A Makeup Effects Artist
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    Stan Winston

    A Special Effects Supervisor/Coordinator
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    Bud Ekins

    A Stunt Performer/Coordinator
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    Ellen Chenoweth

    A Casting Director
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    Kevin Huvane

    An Agent (and/or Manager/Publicist)
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    Roger Ebert

    A Film Critic
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    Kenny Ortega

    A Choreographer
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    Giuliana Rancic

    An Entertainment News Journalist
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    Sally Menke

    A Film Editor
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    Edith Head

    A Costume Designer
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    Col Needham

    A Film/TV/Video Games Online Data Base Founder

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