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Poll: Highest Rated Episodes of the Top 35 Animated TV Series

These are the highest rated episodes of each of the Top 35 Animated TV Series of IMDb's Top 250. Which of these acclaimed episodes is your personal favorite?

(In case of a tie, the episode with the higher number of votes is selected.)

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    The Ricklantis Mixup (2017)

    Rick and Morty
  2. Vote!

    Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang (2008)

    Avatar: The Last Airbender
  3. Vote!

    Death of the Undying (2009)

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  4. Vote!

    Two-Face Part I (1992)

    Batman: The Animated Series
  5. Vote!

    Silence (2007)

    Death Note
  6. Vote!

    Ballad of Fallen Angels (1998)

    Cowboy Bebop
  7. Vote!

    Saikyô no hîrô (2015)

    One Punch Man
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    Not What He Seems (2015)

    Gravity Falls
  9. Vote!

    Chapter 10: The Unknown (2014)

    Over the Garden Wall
  10. Vote!

    Destroyer (2006)

    Justice League Unlimited
  11. Vote!

    Homer's Enemy (1997)

    The Simpsons
  12. Vote!

    Warrior (2017)

    Attack on Titan
  13. Vote!

    Scott Tenorman Must Die (2001)

    South Park
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    Zarbon Transformed (1997)

    Dragon Ball Z
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    Achievement Point (2011)

  16. Vote!

    Execution (2004)

  17. Vote!

    Summit (2013)

    Young Justice
  18. Vote!

    Placebo Effect (2011)

  19. Vote!

    Re; (2008)

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  20. Vote!

    Words of Farewell (2004)

    Fullmetal Alchemist
  21. Vote!

    Zero × and × Rose (2014)

    Hunter x Hunter
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    A Fractured Leghorn/High Note/Hot Cross Bunny (1971)

    The Bugs Bunny Show
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    Starcrossed: Part III (2004)

    Justice League
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    Ike Seiya! Tomo no shi o koete (1988)

    Saint Seiya
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    Introjection (1996)

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
  26. Vote!

    Come Along With Me (2018)

    Adventure Time
  27. Vote!

    Eien no koku (1998)

    Berserk: Sword-Wind Tales
  28. Vote!

    Seishi ruten sono san (2005)

    Samurai Champloo
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    The Notorious Mercenary (2002)

    Dragon Ball
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    Free Churro (2018)

    BoJack Horseman
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    Mad Love (1999)

    The New Batman Adventures
  32. Vote!

    Jurassic Bark (2002)

  33. Vote!

    Shouendan-u/Barrage (2003)

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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    Days of Future Past: Part 1 (1993)

    X-Men: The Animated Series
  35. Vote!

    Venom of the Red Lotus (2014)

    The Legend of Korra

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