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Poll: Double-Barrelled Hyphenated Surnames

In the Western tradition of surnames, there are several types of double surname (or double-barrelled surname).

In British tradition, a double surname is heritable and mostly taken in order to preserve a family name that would have become extinct due to the absence of male descendants bearing the name, connected to the inheritance of a family estate.

If the two names are joined with a hyphen, it may also be called a hyphenated surname.

Which is your favorite actor/actress (or celebrity) with a double-barrelled hyphenated surname?

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    Catherine Zeta-Jones

  2. Vote!

    Olivia Newton-John

  3. Vote!

    Daniel Day-Lewis

  4. Vote!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  5. Vote!

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  6. Vote!

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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    Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
  8. Vote!

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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    Andrew Lloyd Webber

    The Lord Lloyd-Webber
  10. Vote!

    Camilla Parker-Bowles

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    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

    Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
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    Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens
  13. Vote!

    Anya Taylor-Joy

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    Joey Jupiter-Levin

  15. Vote!

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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    Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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    Tim Maurice-Jones

  18. Vote!

    Maurice Jones-Drew

  19. Vote!

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Added July 17, 2021
  20. Vote!

    Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

    Added July 17, 2021
  21. Vote!

    Rebecca Dyson-Smith

    Added July 17, 2021
  22. Vote!

    Wilfrid Hyde-White

    Added July 19, 2021

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