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Poll: Bond Boys

While Sean Connery and George Lazenby were in their early thirties when they started to play James Bond, the trend since then has been for a beginner Bond to be in their late thirties to mid forties.

Which UK actor who is currently in their twenties do you think has the best potential to play Bond in 10 to 15 years?

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    Alfie Allen

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    Aml Ameen

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    Jacob Anderson

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    Jamie Bell

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    John Boyega

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    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

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    Jamie Campbell Bower

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    Sam Claflin

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    Alfred Enoch

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    Tom Felton

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    Rafi Gavron

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    Jack Gleeson

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    Rupert Grint

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    Kit Harington

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    Freddie Highmore

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    Nicholas Hoult

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    Max Irons

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    Skandar Keynes

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    Matthew Lewis

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    Richard Madden

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    Max Minghella

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    William Moseley

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    Jack O'Connell

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    Dev Patel

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    Robert Pattinson

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    Alex Pettyfer

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    Will Poulter

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    Daniel Radcliffe

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    Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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    Ed Westwick

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    Taron Egerton

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