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Poll: Which Wench, Who Has Played A Female Pirate, Is Your Favorite, Matey?

(In my best pirate imitation) Aye, which one of these lovely young wenches, who have played black hearted female pirates in movies, games and TV, has caught ya' fancy now? Ye may talk scuttlebutt about the topic here. But mind thy tongue now, you bilage rats! Just because these lasses could sail, set a course, pillage, loot, cut and rip with the best of 'em, does not give you leave to talk ill of them in front of me. Whoever does it, I'll clap him in irons and feed him to the sharks! (For the history buffs, an * fallows the roles of real historical female pirates.)

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    Maureen O'Hara

    Played Prudence 'Spitfire' Stevens in Against All Flags (1952)
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    Jill St. John

    As Mistress Jessica Stephens in The King's Pirate (1967)
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    Jean Peters

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    Clara Paget

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    The voice of Anne Bonny* in The Abrafaxe: Under the Black Flag (2001). She is the singer who is famous for singing "99 Luftballons", ("99 Red Balloons").
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    Lorna Bennett

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    Binnie Barnes

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    Keira Knightley

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    Zoe Saldana

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    Takayo Fischer

    Played Mistress Ching* in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007). Real name: Shi Xianggu. She is also known as Madame Ching or Ching Shih, and Cheng I Sao. Yup, the blind lady pirate lord was a real historical figure. She was the most powerful and successful pirate in history!
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    Penélope Cruz

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    Geena Davis

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    Cara Roberts

    Played Mary Read* (Also known as Mark Read **) in XXXVIII. (2017). ** Mary Read often disguised herself as a man which was a habit her mother forced her to learn as her mother used her to extort money from rich English noble father by claiming he had sired an bastard son with claims to the his estate.
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    Lisa Gastoni

    Played Mary Read* in Queen of the Seas (1961) (1961), (in English,"The Adventures Of Mary Read" or "Queen of the Seas").
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    Helen Atkinson Wood

    Played Connie Blackheart in Tales from the Poop Deck (1992) (1992) and Mary Read* in Episode #1.5 (1992) (1992).
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    Sara Mair-Thomas

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    Anna Mae Thomas

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    Kimberly Adair

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    Michelle Michaels

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    Olivia Morgan

    Played the non-playable character Mary Read* in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013) (2013) video game.
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    Antonia Bick

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    Cecilia Bennett

    Played young Mary Read* in Through the Eyes of Men (2013) (video 2013)
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    Saskia Baillie

    Played young Mary Read* in Through the Eyes of Men (2013) (video 2013)

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