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Poll: Which rare movie snack would you put in all theaters?

Some movie theaters have extended options at their snack bars, but most general theaters offer the same soda, popcorn and candy they have all along. Which of these items would you like to see at ALL movie theaters?

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    American Pie (1999)

    or other baked goods
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    The Apple (1980)

    keeps the doctor away
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    Chutney Popcorn (1999)

    a new twist on an old favorite
  4. Vote!

    Cocktail (1988)

    I'll have a bloody mary
  5. Vote!

    Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

    with free refills at your seat for extra long movies
  6. Vote!

    Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

    keep the roses, gimme the wine!
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    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

    fresh, tasty and satisfying
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    Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

    or any other fried food
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    Good Burger (1997)

    do Kenan and Kel bring it to you?
  10. Vote!

    Ham & Cheese (2004)

  11. Vote!

    James and the Giant Peach (1996)

    how about something healthy?
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    Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

  13. Vote!

    Meatballs (1979)

    or some other Italian fare
  14. Vote!

    Milk Money (1994)

    it does a movie-watching body good
  15. Vote!

    Mystic Pizza (1988)

    extra cheese, please
  16. Vote!

    Pork Chop Hill (1959)

    or any other standard restaurant entree
  17. Vote!

    Pumpkin (2002)

    everybody loves it in everything, right?
  18. Vote!

    Strange Brew (1983)

    AKA beer
  19. Vote!

    Tea and Sympathy (1956)

    proper English high tea
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    Tortilla Soup (2001)

    or any Mexican food
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    With Six You Get Eggroll (1968)

    or any Chinese food

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