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Poll: IMDb Voters vs. The Academy: Best Original Screenplay

The IMDb voters picked these 4 different Oscar winners for Best Original Screenplay, of the last 8 years. Which IMDb poll winner deserved the Oscar the most?

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    The Favourite (2018)

    IMDb votes for The Favourite (2018): 30%

    Oscar Winner: Green Book (2018) (24% of the IMDb votes)

    Poll:Oscars 2019 — Best Original Screenplay

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    The Big Sick (2017)

    IMDb votes for The Big Sick (2017): 73%

    Oscar Winner: Get Out (2017) (7% of the IMDb votes)

    Poll: Oscars 2018 — Best Original Screenplay

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    La La Land (2016)

    IMDb votes for La La Land (2016): 39%

    Oscar Winner: Manchester by the Sea (2016) (28% of the IMDb votes)

    Poll:Oscars 2017 — Best Writing, Original Screenplay

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    Ex Machina (2014)

    IMDb votes for Ex Machina (2014): 32%

    Oscar Winner: Spotlight (2015) (18% of the IMDb votes)

    Poll: Oscars 2016: Best Original Screenplay

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