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Poll: Movie names that have become part of everyday speech?

Which do you use most (or are you most likely to use)?

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    National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

    "We went to a frat party last week and it was a total Animal House."
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    Catfish (2010)

    "I totally got Catfished last year; she turned out to be a 44-year-old guy!"
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    Fatal Attraction (1987)

    "The sex was great but I think there might be a Fatal Attraction thing going on..."
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    Gaslight (1944)

    "He married this woman and proceeded to Gaslight her to try and get her money."
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    Groundhog Day (1993)

    "This week at work was the same day after day. It was like Groundhog Day situation."
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    Rain Man (1988)

    "That guy is a genius; he's like a total Rain Man."
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    Rashomon (1950)

    "Trying to investigate this murder was like Rashômon; everyone had a different story."
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    Single White Female (1992)

    "My new roommate is kinda needy; I hope it doesn't turn into a Single White Female scenario."
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    Sophie's Choice (1982)

    "My daughter's play is at the same time as my son's first football game. It's going to be a real Sophie's Choice."

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