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Poll: Which Celebrity Are You?

A lot of celebrities like pretending that they're just like you and me, well, let's see who really is. According to these quotes that celebrities have said about themselves, who are you most similar to?

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    Jennifer Lawrence

    "I like when things are hard; I'm very competitive. If something seems difficult or impossible, it interests me."
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    Brad Pitt

    "I'm one of those people you hate because of genetics. It's the truth."
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    "I cheated a lot, because I just couldn't sit and do homework. I usually sat next to someone extremely smart."
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    Benedict Cumberbatch

    "I've never been an activist, but I've always been politically aware. I protested against budget cuts and cuts to education. I marched against the Iraq war."
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    Emma Stone

    "I do find that I am drawn to people in my life, romantically or not, that have something to teach me... There is some sense of being changed."
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    Chloë Grace Moretz

    "When I was a little girl, I used to soak up everything... I would soak up like these huge, dramatic dialogues and start spewing them all the time."
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    Ryan Gosling

    "I always wanted to entertain. When I was 6, a scrawny, scrawny kid, I'd get in my red speedo and do muscle moves. I actually thought I was muscular. I didn't know everyone was laughing at me."
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    Tom Hardy

    "And I like people. I like to know what you're really up to. I'm a bit of a nosey busy body."
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    Johnny Depp

    "I'm an old-fashioned guy . . . I want to be an old man with a beer belly sitting on a porch, looking at a lake or something."
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    Charlie Hunnam

    "Well, I have a great deal of pride, and I care infinitely about what my peers think [about me]."
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    Christian Bale

    "The only thing that I'm obsessed with is sleeping and, actually, it is more than an obsession, it is a pleasure. I love sleeping so much that I could do it 12 hours a day if I didn't have to turn on the alarm clock . . . and still, sometimes . . ."
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    Robert Downey Jr.

    "The higher the stakes, the happier I am, the better I will be."
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    Bradley Cooper

    " I seriously love to cook ... My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid I used to help her make handmade pasta, cavatelli and ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something."
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    Bryan Cranston

    "My wife is the cook, really. I'm a good helper and I clean like nobody's business. I can load a dishwasher like nobody else."
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    Matt Damon

    "I think the values that I have are consistent with the values I was raised with."
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    Emma Watson

    "I love fashion. I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world."
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    Scarlett Johansson

    "It's a great thing to get older and learn. I don't feel bound in any way by how many years I've lived. I identify just as much with my 86-year-old grandmother as I do with my sister."
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    Hugh Jackman

    "As a teenager I was explosively angry. I think rugby saved me because that's just organized violence."
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    Quentin Tarantino

    "I'm never going to be shy about anything."
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    Jessica Chastain

    "I get embarrassed really easily. I get embarrassed even when people sing me "Happy Birthday"."
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    Amy Adams

    "Thirty was a big deal for me. It was the age where I reevaluated everything - how I approached life and how I thought about myself. When I look at my 20s, or when I look at any period in my life, I think about how much time I've wasted trying to find the right man. It's like, if I could go back and do it again, I would have taken guitar lessons or something."
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    Ben Affleck

    "I finally decided to quit smoking when I found out I was going to have a child. That was the thing that sort of put it over the top for me."
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    Tom Hanks

    "My wife keeps on telling me my worst fault is that I keep things to myself and appear relaxed. But I am really in a room in my own head and not hearing a thing anyone is saying."
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    Mark Wahlberg

    "I like to talk to people. I don't text that much or email. I like to sit down face-to-face and have a conversation with you. I'm old-fashioned."
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    Mila Kunis

    "There are two people out there, Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans... I'm a Star Trek fan. I respect Star Wars, I'm a bit of a Sci-Fi nerd but, geared towards one or the other, I'd choose Star Trek."

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