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Poll: If you had a magic remote control...

... to control your life like a film, but with the following rules to respect :

1/ you can only use one function; 2/ the PLAY button is the only one you can use anytime to resume the great film of your life; 3/ if you REW or FF, you can't get back to the starting point, which means, you'll have to 'live the past again' and the 'skipperd parts' from your future will be irremediably lost; 4/ VOLUME is the only button that allows you to use one function and its reciprocal; 5/ The MENU button only allows you to change the color (brightness, contrast etc.) 6/ If you click on STOP, you die.

So, given all these parameters, if your life was a flick, and you were allowed only one kind of click, which one would you then pick?

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    Pause (2012)

    Ahhh, taking my own breaks anytime I want, extra-hours of sleep, not to mention some naughty alternatives for invisibility (*wink*) ...
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    [Rec] (2007)

    Recording every memory, the possibility to have 'visual' flashbacks, and no one will ever dare to lie to you or to make false promises ("Did I say that? - Oh yeah, you did, check!")
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    Rewind (2010)

    Correcting some mistakes from the past, anticipating the right thing to say at the right moment, like in "Groundhog Day", not to mention such trivialities as making money ("Remember Biff, Gray's Sport Almanach")
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    Fast Forward (1989)

    No queues anymore, no traffic jams, no stupid office work, in fact, no work ever, no arguments, no sickness and more thnan anything, no commercial breaks, time is too precious, so let's just enjoy the best parts of your life!
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    Subtitles (2013)

    Imagine, being capable to understand everything said in the world, in every language : Italian, Chinese, Swahili, baby talks, Scottish accents and women ...
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    Volume (2012)

    Aaaaah, they all sound great, but I just want peace and silence ... I hate NOISE, I hate LOUD TALKERS, I hate my urban neighborhood, screams and criticisms ... and whether for sleeping, for hearing my thoughts or starting on my great life-project, I need to remain ... within the sound ... of silence...

    ... or I had a bad hearing, so I need to make it louder.

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    Menu (2014)

    How about looking at the bright side of life ... for real? or making it a little darker if ever needed? The contrast might also make the 'images' clearer and driving at night easier, or how about accentuating the redness during one of these Valentine's Day's nights (rrrrrrr)..
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    Stop (1999)

    All that must end ... and who knows? Maybe a better program comes after?