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Poll: Favorite Arrowverse Crossover

After eleven years, the Arrowverse is coming to an end with the final episode of its last remaining member series, The Flash (2014), airing on May 24, 2023. Over the past decade, the DC Arrowverse has been by far the dominant comic book superhero media franchise on television.

Beginning in 2012 with the release of Arrow (2012), it became one of the most successful superhero media franchises on television and it showcases an interconnected shared universe featuring many DC Comics superheroes.

The Arrowverse included six TV series, and two webseries, and while most series characters have their own stories to tell on their respective TV series, part of the appeal of the Arrowverse is that each season fans could expect a crossover episode featuring many of their characters in a single, combined storyline.

Now that we say goodbye to the Arrowverse, which of its crossover events was your favorite?

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    Flash vs. Arrow (2014)

    The first crossover when the universe first expanded into a second TV series. During two episodes, it showed Team Arrow helping Flash against a villain, and Team Flash returning the favor as the two heroes forged their alliance.
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    Legends of Yesterday (2015)

    Two episode crossover in The Flash and Arrow. The heroes join to take on Vandal Savage, who wants to kill the reincarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

    This crossover launched DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016).

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    Invasion! (2016)

    Three part crossover that for the first time included Supergirl (2015).

    Team Arrow, Flash, the Legends and Supergirl join forces to defeat the alien race called The Dominators.

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    Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1 (2017)

    Barry and Iris wedding is interrupted by the attack of villains from a parallel earth where the Nazis won World War 2.
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    Elseworlds, Part 1 (2018)

    Three part crossover where Flash and Green Arrow find themselves living different lives and later discover a man called John Deegan is using a magical book to rewrite reality.

    The crossover introduced Batwoman (2019).

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    Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One (2019)

    Based on one of the most impactful maxi series in comic books history. The heroes face the Anti-Monitor, an entity that is bent on destroying all worlds in the multiverse.

    The five part crossover included references to many other DC Comics TV series and fused the Arrowverse different earths in a single universe.

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    Armageddon, Part 1 (2021)

    Final crossover of the Arrowverse which, due to the pandemic had its five parts appearing all in The Flash eight season, instead of having an episode in all the different series.

    Heroes from all Arrowverse series guest starred with Flash as he dealt with Despero, a psychic alien who wants to kill the speedster as he blames him for the end of the world.

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