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Poll: Wonder Woman

Which version of Wonder Woman is your favorite?

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    Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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    Susan Eisenberg in Justice League (2001)

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    Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman (1975)

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    Keri Russell in Wonder Woman (2009)

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    Rileah Vanderbilt in Wonder Woman (2013)

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    Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)

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    Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman (2011)

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    Wonder Woman (2009)

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    Cary Elwes, Lex Lang, Vanessa Marshall, and Sam Daly in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

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    Cathy Lee Crosby in Wonder Woman (1974)

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    Maggie Lawson in A Date with Diana (2010)

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    Super Friends (1973)

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    Wonder Woman (2009)

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    Grey Griffin in DC Super Hero Girls (2015)

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