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Poll: Lost in Time and Hammer Horror (Actor)

Hammer Productions first released film was in 1935 titled The Public Life of Henry the Ninth (1935) which was a comedy. It wasn't until 1957 that Hammer found their leading man to headline their horror movies Peter Cushing. Over the next 15 years he made several more films frequently along side Christopher Lee that garnered a lot of praise from audiences.

Now some 28 years later Hammer Productions has returned rolling out a few films since 2008, most notably The Woman in Black (2012).

Suppose you are tasked with revitalizing the Hammer horror franchise but still have to maintain the Gothic feel originally presented in the 60's. Which actor would you cast as the lead male to headline the production?

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    Matt Smith

  2. Vote!

    Cillian Murphy

  3. Vote!

    Sam Claflin

  4. Vote!

    Paul Dano

  5. Vote!

    Jesse Eisenberg

  6. Vote!

    Timothée Chalamet

  7. Vote!

    Luke Evans

  8. Vote!

    Tom Ellis

  9. Vote!

    Jamie Bell

  10. Vote!

    Finn Wittrock

  11. Vote!

    William Jackson Harper

  12. Vote!

    Henry Golding

  13. Vote!

    Aidan Turner

  14. Vote!

    Charlie Cox

  15. Vote!

    Adam Nagaitis

  16. Vote!

    Taylor Kitsch

  17. Vote!

    Jack Lowden

  18. Vote!

    LaKeith Stanfield

  19. Vote!

    Tom Payne

  20. Vote!

    Michiel Huisman

  21. Vote!

    Daniel Radcliffe

  22. Vote!

    Bill Skarsgård

  23. Vote!

    Benedict Cumberbatch

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