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Poll: Sacrebleu! Films whose French titles are better ...

Now that I've got your attention, here's the real question :

This is a list of 35 classic movies whose title in French is far from being a literary translation. When turned into English, it's like the title of another movie.

Which one do you think could have worked as well as the original one ... if not better?

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    High Noon (1952)

    Le train sifflera trois fois : The Train Will Whistle three Times
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    North by Northwest (1959)

    La Mort aux Trousses : Death on the Heels
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    Dial M for Murder (1954)

    Le crime était presque parfait : The Crime Was Almost Perfect
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    To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

    Du Silence et des Ombres : Silence and Shadows
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    From Here to Eternity (1953)

    Tant qu'il y aura des hommes : So Long as There are Men
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    The Sound of Music (1965)

    La Mélodie du Bonheur : The Melody of Happiness
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    Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

    La fureur de vivre : Passion for Life
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    Vertigo (1958)

    Sueurs Froides : Cold Sweat
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    Stagecoach (1939)

    La Chevauchée Fantastique : The Fantastic Ride
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    The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

    Un crime dans la tête : A Crime in the Head
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    Shane (1953)

    L'Homme des Vallées Perdues : The Man From the Lost Valleys
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    The Deer Hunter (1978)

    Voyage au bout de l'enfer : Travel to the end of Hell
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    The Searchers (1956)

    La Prisonnière du Désert : The Prisonner from the Desert
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    Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

    La glorieuse parade : The Glorious Parade
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    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    Les Evadés : The Escaped Ones
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    Die Hard (1988)

    Piège de Cristal : The Crystal Trap
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    Die Hard 2 (1990)

    58 minutes pour vivre : 58 Minutes to Live
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    Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)

    Une journée en enfer : A Day in Hell
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    It Happened One Night (1934)

    New York - Miami : no translation needed
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    The Killing (1956)

    L'ultime razzia : The Final Raid
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    Jaws (1975)

    Les Dents de la Mer : The Teeth from the Sea
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    Airplane! (1980)

    Y a-t-il un Pilote dans l'Avion? : Is There a Pilot on the Plane?
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    The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)

    Y a-t-il un Flic pour sauver la Reine? : Is There a Cop to Save the Queen?
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    Blazing Saddles (1974)

    Le Shériff est en Prison : Sheriff is in Jail
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    As Good as It Gets (1997)

    Pour le Pire et le Meilleur : For Worse and for Better
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    Home Alone (1990)

    Maman, j'ai raté l'avion : Mom, I Missed the Plane
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    The Hangover (2009)

    Very Bad Trip : no need for translation (the expression 'bad trip' is commonly used in France)
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    The Enforcer (1976)

    L'Inspecteur Harry ne renonce jamais : Inspector Harry Never Gives Up
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    The Philadelphia Story (1940)

    Indiscrétions : same word in English
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    City Slickers (1991)

    La Vie, l'Amour, les Vaches : Life, Love and Cows
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    Groundhog Day (1993)

    Un jour sans fin : A Never-Ending Day
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    Cape Fear (1962)

    Les Nerfs à Vif : Bags of Nerves
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    The Way We Were (1973)

    Nos plus belles années : Our Best Years
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    Play It Again, Sam (1972)

    Tombe les Filles et Tais-toi! : Get the Girls and Shut up!
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    Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

    Un Ticket pour Deux : One Ticket for Two

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