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Poll: Face-Off: 'Blow-Up' vs. 'The Conversation' vs. 'Blow Out'

In 1966, Michelangelo Antonioni's masterpiece- 'Blow-Up (1966)' was released and it became quite sensational and also won the Palme d'Or from that year.

Few years later, Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Conversation (1974)' came out which was inspired by Blow-Up. Coincidentally, it also won the Palme d'Or. Then in 1981, Brian De Palma's 'Blow Out (1981)' came out, which dealt with the similar themes, but used sound recording rather than photography as its motif.

Which of these 3 films do you consider, to be the best?

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    Blow-Up (1966)

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    The Conversation (1974)

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    Blow Out (1981)

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