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Softball, a team sport created in Chicago in 1887 as a derivation of Baseball, uses a bigger ball and a smaller field, making it a faster sport which is specially popular with women teams.

It is played in over 120 countries worldwide and it was an Olympic sport from 1996 to 2008, when it was cut off from the program.

Softball is especially popular in Japan, and so it will be contested once again in the Tokyo 2020 games, where it was the first event to be held in the Olympics, two days before the Opening Ceremony, with a match where Japan defeated Australia 8-1.

Besides Australia and Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico and the United States will be looking for the medals.

To celebrate Softball's return to the Olympics and the start of Tokyo 2020, which of these movies, documentaries or TV episodes with a plot involving Softball are you most interested in watching?

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    Extra Innings: The Real Story Behind the Bright Lights of Summer (2015)

    A stunning, feature-length film that chronicles the real-life story of National Softball Hall-of-Famer, Dot Wilkinson and the heyday of women's softball.
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    The Noogies (2007)

    In East Hanover, NJ there is a men's softball team that has never had a winning season. A spark is needed within this organization to have the courage to defy the odds, to become heroes. Therefore, a female coach agreed to teach the Noogies how to truly play the game.
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    Pitching Love and Catching Faith (2015)

    Tyler returns home after an injury threatens his baseball career and coaches in a softball game against old-love, Kenzie. The sparks fly and now Tyler has a choice to make: his career, or Kenzie?
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    How Do You Know (2010)

    After being cut from the U.S.A. softball team and feeling a bit past her prime, Lisa finds herself evaluating her life and in the middle of a love triangle, as a corporate guy in crisis competes with her current, baseball-playing beau.
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    The Last Spring (1994)

    A group of high school friends who have been on the same softball team for twenty years deal with the break-up of their team.
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    Homer at the Bat (1992)

    Homer and his co-workers qualify for the plant softball team's league final, but Mr. Burns hires nine professional MLB players in order to win a $1 million bet.
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    The Unnatural (1997)

    Frederick comes to visit Seattle. Hearing Bulldog planning the station team's softball game, Frederick wonders why Frasier isn't playing. Bulldog covers and says Frasier is a great athlete. Frederick wants to see his dad play, and Frasier, rather than let him down, tries to learn to hit a ball in two days.
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    The Unger Games (2015)

    Oscar needs to find someone to replace Murph on his softball team. And Felix offers and wins the game which embarrasses Oscar. He asks Felix to play basketball and again beats him which leads Oscar to challenge Felix to see who's the better athlete.
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    Sixteen-Inch Softball (2013)

    Someone's job is on the line at the annual Accounts vs. Creatives 16-inch softball game.
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    The Understudy (1995)

    Jerry's new girlfriend Gennice understudies Bette Midler in her upcoming Broadway musical. When Jerry's softball team plays the team from Midler's musical, George slides into home plate and knock Midler out cold. Soon everybody is accusing them of arranging for Gennice to have the starring role.
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    3 Strikes (2012)

    Megan is a professional softball player whose temper has gotten her suspended. She's forced to move home with her parents, required to undergo anger management therapy and become the softball coach at her old high school.
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    Legend of Mr. Hollywood (2018)

    A senior softball player recently appearing as an extra is dubbed Mr. Hollywood by his coach.
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    Beer League (2006)

    An unemployed slacker inspires his softball teammates to improve their game so they won't get kicked out of the local league.
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    Young & Softball (2017)

    Elliot and Josh join a LGBT softball team which makes Josh's Dad mistake him for a homosexual.
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    Take Her Out of the Ballgame (2012)

    Ben captains a softball team but they don't win. Ben spends his time playing pranks. When he has to do something Riley stays behind and when he comes the team not only won the game, they made Riley team Captain
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    Squeeze Play (1983)

    Robin Masters' bets Buzz, a "girlie magazine" publisher, that the King Kamehameha Club softball team can beat Buzz's team.
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    A Hero Sits Next Door (1999)

    Peter becomes very jealous, when his handi-capable new neighbor turns out to be the new star player on the toy company's softball team.
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    Baseball (1979)

    Les, while never being able to participate in sports as a child, has dreams of greatness on the baseball diamond. He accepts a challenge from rival station WPIG for WKRP to play them in a softball game.
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    Summer League (2013)

    When Allie returns home during her final college summer break, she doesn't anticipate staying long, but that all changes when there's a death in the family. Her life-long BFF, Kenzie helps her deal with her loss, and other family drama, by forcing her to join The Browncoats, the team she captains in the small town's co-ed softball league.
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    Affidavit Justice (2003)

    Doug pretends to work at Carrie's law firm to play on the company's softball team.
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    You Gotta Believe (In Moderation) (2006)

    Hank's league champion softball team challenges an undefeated comedic barnstorming team.
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    A League of Her Own (2017)

    Louis wants to manage the Cattleman's Ranch softball team on his own, so Jessica decides to coach the rival team from The Denim Turtle to prove that she is the superior manager.
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    Crackerjack (2013)

    lovable loser, Bill "Crackerjack" Bailey (CJ) is obsessed with Softball. When his girlfriend Sherry learns she's pregnant, he is faced with losing his true love or confronting the curse and his impending fatherhood, CJ does what any man would do- play ball!
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    Lovable Trouble (1941)

    Andy invests the money his wife gave him to pay the bills into a sure-fire money-making scheme, a girl's softball team made up of out-of-work chorus girls. Mrs. Clyde is, to say the least, not amused.
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    Wounded Vets Softball (2017)

    Josh Wege found a new family in a crew of fellow amputee veterans on the softball diamond. They are embarking on a journey to compete against non disabled teams.
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    Squeeze Play (1979)

    A male softball team is challenged by a female softball team to see who is best.
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    How Do You Spell Revenge? (1987)

    Al, Peggy, and Bud are part of a shopping mall softball team playing other mall teams. After losing a few too many games, Al demands that Peggy improve her softball skills or she is off his team.
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    Jim Crow Baseball (2017)

    The mantra of "baseball is for boys and softball is for girls" is explored, exposing separate but unequal opportunities for American girls in baseball at every level of the game.
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    Play Catch (2011)

    Two fathers, Mike Sigler and Mike Ramirez, have coached their daughters' softball teams since the girls were big enough to play. Now at the age of sixteen, Claire Sigler and Hannah Ramirez forge their independence, and softball assumes a different role in their lives.
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    Coming Home (2016)

    A father connects with his daughter through the sport of Softball.
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    Play Ball (2011)

    Mel recruits Joe to play on her office softball team.
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    Maggie and Annie (2002)

    Annie, a happily married woman with a loving husband and daughter, joins her company's softball team and becomes good friends with her teammate, the openly gay Maggie.
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    Softball: The Musical (2017)

    The group is forced to put on an entire musical about softball in order to save face with Dirk.
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    Burn the Ships (2017)

    The NPF, a women's professional softball league that few know exists, has spent decades struggling for survival in a male-dominated sports world. Its players are forced to choose between their livelihood and their dreams, and this year they've been given another chance.
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    Model Ball (2008)

    The serialized story of Jake McBride, "The best softball player in his league," who bets his best friend he can win the league with a team of models.

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