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Poll: Top 30 one-word TV catchphrases ...

After the movies, let's start another a new quotes-related series of polls dedicated to TV shows and series.

Which TV show featured the most memorable one-word catchphrase?

NOTE : Only words included, even unintelligible, but not just a sound or a scream, and not expressions made of the same repeated word like Ha-ha, Bam-Bam or Nanu-Nanu, these ones will probably make it into the next list)

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    The Simpsons (1989)

    "D'oh!" (Homer Simpson)

    Honorable mentions : "Excellent" (Mr. Burns) "Hi-diddily-ho!" (Ned Flanders) "Ha!" (Edna Krabapel) "WhaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!" (Moe Syslack) "Yaaay!" (Rodd and Todd) "Skinner!" (Superintendent Gary Chalmers) "Glavin" (Professor John Frink)

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    How I Met Your Mother (2005)

    "Le-gen-da-ry" (Barney Stinson)
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    The Flintstones (1960)

    "Yaba-dabba-doo!" (Fred Flintstone)
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    Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969)

    "Scooby-dooby-doo" (Scooby Doo)

    Honorable mentions : "Jinkies!" (Velma Dinkley) "Zoinks!" (Shaggy Rogers)

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    Happy Days (1974)

    "Aaay!" (Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli)
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987)

    "Cowabunga!" (Michelangelo)
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    The Big Bang Theory (2007)

    "Bazinga!" (Sheldon Cooper)
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    The Alvin Show (1961)

    "ALVIIIIN !!!" (David 'Dave' Seville)
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    Family Guy (1999)

    "Giggity!" (Glenn Quagmire)
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    Arrested Development (2003)

    "Her?" (Michael Bluth)
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    Good Times (1974)

    "Dy-no-mite!" (Jimmie Walker)
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    South Park (1997)

    "Mm'kay?" (Mr Mackey)

    Honorable mention : "TIMMAAAY!" (Timmy)

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    Mork & Mindy (1978)

    "Shazbot!" (Mork)
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    Pinky and the Brain (1995)

    "Narf!" (Pinky)
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    Da Ali G Show (2000)

    "Booyakasha!" (Ali G)
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    Star Trek: The Original Series (1966)

    "Energize" (Captain Kirk)
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    Blossom (1990)

    "Whoa!" (Joseph 'Joey' Russo)
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    Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

    "Engage" (Captain Picard)
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    The Jetsons (1962)

    "Ruh-roh!" (Astro)
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    All in the Family (1971)

    "Stifle!" (Archie Bunker)
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    Cheers (1982)

    "Norm!" (all the gang)
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    Saturday Night Live (1975)

    "Schwing!" (Wayne and Garth)

    Honorable mentions : "Reaaally?!" (Amy and Seth)

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    30 Rock (2006)

    "Blerg!" (Liz Lemon)
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    Lost (2004)

    "Dude" (Hurley)
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    Laverne & Shirley (1976)

    "Hello!" (Laverne and Shirley)
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    Breaking Bad (2008)

    "Bitch!" (Jessie Pinkman)
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    Emeril Live (1997)

    "Bam!" (Emeril Lagasse)
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    That '70s Show (1998)

    "Dumbass" (Red Forman)
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    Father Ted (1995)

    "Drink!" (Father Jack Hackett)
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    Gunsmoke (1955)

    "Tarnation" (Festus)

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