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Poll: TV Characters Who Weren't Supposed to Stay on Their Shows

The following TV characters were nearly killed off/fired off their shows. Which are you most glad DIDN'T get the boot?

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Originally published 1/21/15 - 4,624 votes total as of 11/14/17

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    Tahmoh Penikett in Battlestar Galactica (2004)

    Lt. Karl C. 'Helo' Agathon from Battlestar Galactica - was supposed to die when the Raptor left him behind on Caprica
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    Martin Sheen in The West Wing (1999)

    President Josiah 'Jed' Bartlet from The West Wing - was only planned to pop up occasionally in a handful of episodes
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    Ed Helms in The Office (2005)

    Andy Bernard from The Office - his 10-episode booking was supposed to end when Jim returned to Scranton
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    Damian Lewis in Homeland (2011)

    Nicholas Brody from Homeland - was supposed to be killed in the first season finale
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    Gigi Edgley in Farscape (1999)

    Chiana from Farscape - was supposed to die in her first episode
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    Kelsey Grammer in Cheers (1982)

    Dr. Frasier Crane from Cheers (and later Frasier) - was only scheduled for a six-episode arc
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    Rich Sommer in Mad Men (2007)

    Harry Crane from Mad Men - was scheduled to commit suicide in season one
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    Walton Goggins in Justified (2010)

    Boyd Crowder from Justified - Walton Goggins filmed a few scenes as a favor to Timothy Olyphant; audiences loved him
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    Scott Wilson in The Walking Dead (2010)

    Hershel Greene from The Walking Dead - creators planned to kill him in the second season but decided to give viewers a break
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    Julianna Margulies in ER (1994)

    Carol Hathaway from ER - she was never supposed to survive her suicide attempt from the pilot
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    Colin O'Donoghue in Once Upon a Time (2011)

    Killian Jones from Once Upon a Time - was only supposed to guest star for a few episodes
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    "M.A.S.H." Jamie Farr

    Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger from M*A*S*H - was only supposed to appear in one episode
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    Danielle Fishel in Boy Meets World (1993)

    Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World - was supposed to be just an occasional character
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    Michael Emerson in Lost (2004)

    Ben Linus from Lost - was originally planned to appear in only three episodes
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    Kathryn Joosten in Desperate Housewives (2004)

    Karen McCluskey from Desperate Housewives - was supposed to only be a brief role
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    Joseph Morgan in The Vampire Diaries (2009)

    Klaus Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries (and later The Originals) - was planned to be killed off at the end of season three but instead got his own spin-off
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    Estelle Getty in The Golden Girls (1985)

    Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls - was only planned to appear in the pilot
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    Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad (2008)

    Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad - was planned to be killed off in a massacre in season one
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    Ari Millen in Orphan Black (2013)

    Mark Rollins from Orphan Black - creators planned to kill him after a 6-episode arc
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    Matthew Fox in Lost (2004)

    Jack Shephard from Lost - wasn't supposed to survive the pilot
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    James Marsters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)

    Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - was initially booked for a one-off guest starring stint
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    Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek (1966)

    Spock from Star Trek - NBC wanted him removed because of his "satanic appearance"
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    Jane Lynch in Glee (2009)

    Sue Sylvester from Glee - Jane Lynch was already attached to another pilot and would have had pass on Glee if that pilot has been picked up
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    Jaleel White in Family Matters (1989)

    Steve Urkel from Family Matters - Jaleel White turned a one-episode role into a phenomenon

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