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Poll: Most fun musican/band cameo on a sitcom?

*playing themselves; I'm not including the Simpsons since those alone would take up two polls

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    on Married... with Children (1987) - Anthrax shows up at the Bundy's, eat mystery meat out of the fridge, and fall under the spell of Edd Byrnes
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    Sandra Bernhard

    on Will & Grace (1998) - Will and Grace pretend they are interested in buying an apartment so they can hang out with Sandra Bernhard
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    on Will & Grace (1998) - Obsessed with a Cher doll, the real Cher confronts him, but Jack thinks she's a drag queen
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    Sammy Davis Jr.

    on All in the Family (1971) - Sammy Davis Jr. leaves his briefcase in Archie's cab and he must stop by the house to retrieve it
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    Sammy Davis Jr.

    on I Dream of Jeannie (1965) - Jeannie duplicates Sammy Davis Jr. so he can perform at General Peterson's birthday
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    The Doobie Brothers

    on What's Happening!! (1976) - Rerun is threatened into bootlegging a Doobie Brothers concert but after he's caught, the Doobies turn the tables on the bootleggers
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    Bob Dylan

    on Dharma & Greg (1997) - Dharma tries to join Bob Dylan's band as a drummer
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    The Foggy Mountain Boys

    on The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) - Flatt and Scruggs stop by to visit the Clampetts and the usual mayhem ensues
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    Hall & Oates

    on Will & Grace (1998) - Hall & Oates sing "Maneater" as Grace walks down the runway
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    Elton John

    on Will & Grace (1998) - after Jack becomes paranoid about the Gay Mafia, the leader, Elton John, shows up to threaten Will
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    Davy Jones

    on The Brady Bunch (1969) - Marcia claims she can get Davy Jones to play the school dance, but then she must deliver
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    Patti LaBelle

    on The Nanny (1993) - Patti LaBelle is one of the entrants in the country club's mother-daughter pageant
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    Loretta Lynn

    on Roseanne (1988) - Loretta Lynn performs at Lanford's Founding Fathers Day and eats a loose meat sandwich
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    Mitch Miller

    on Car 54, Where Are You? (1961) - When the 53rd precinct Whippoorwills audition for Mitch Miller, it's clear which of the four is the problem, but who will tell Toody?
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    Yoko Ono

    on Mad About You (1992) - Paul works with Yoko on a documentary about the wind
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    on New Girl (2011) - the gang attends a party at Prince's house where he drops some purple wisdom on Jess
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    Gene Simmons

    on Welcome to Sweden (2014) - Gene Simmons threatens Bruce over his taxes
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    Mel Tormé

    on Night Court (1984) - The Velvet Fog stops by the courtroom but super-fan Harry misses him
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    Joe Walsh

    on The Drew Carey Show (1995) - Joe plays a song about Cleveland with Drew's band
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    Stevie Wonder

    on The Cosby Show (1984) - Denise has a fender bender with Stevie's limo and the whole family goes to visit him at his studio
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    Colin Hay

    on Scrubs (2001) - Colin Hay of Men at Work periodically shows up playing "Overkill" throughout the episode

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