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Poll: Which ''La Casa de Papel'' Character Are You?

You happen to be a part of a heist, either as a member of the crew or as a random victim. What kind of characteristics would you display?

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    Álvaro Morte in Money Heist (2017)

    Intelligent, disciplined and perfectionist.
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    Úrsula Corberó in Money Heist (2017)

    Unpredictable, fiery and vociferous.
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    Pedro Alonso in Money Heist (2017)

    Self-absorbed, narcissistic and with leading abilities.
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    Alba Flores in Money Heist (2017)

    Focused, dynamic and driven.
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    Úrsula Corberó and Jaime Lorente in Money Heist (2017)

    Hotheaded, energetic and humorous.
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    Paco Tous in Money Heist (2017)

    Mature, protective and kind-hearted.
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    Miguel Herrán in Money Heist (2017)

    Immature, brave and romantic.
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    Obedient, focused and friendly.
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    Roberto García Ruiz in Money Heist (2017)

    A person of few words, strong and compliant.
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    Itziar Ituño and Úrsula Corberó in Money Heist (2017)

    Organized, well-prepared and dynamic.
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    Esther Acebo and Jaime Lorente in Money Heist (2017)

    Innocent, naive and romantic.
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    María Pedraza in Money Heist (2017)

    Youthful and innocent.
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    Enrique Arce in Money Heist (2017)

    Devious, cowardly and untrustworthy.
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    Clara Alvarado in Money Heist (2017)

    Fearful and adaptable.
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    Fernando Soto in Money Heist (2017)

    Loyal, devoted and collaborative.
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    Juan Fernández in Money Heist (2017)

    Strict, rude and meddling.

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