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Poll: October Is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down syndrome is a condition in which an individual is born with an extra chromosome. This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome, including, "[an] experience [of] cognitive delays, but the effect is usually mild to moderate and is not indicative of the many strengths and talents that each individual possesses."

This month advocates and individuals who have Down syndrome will be working extra hard to ensure human rights for all people. For more information about Down syndrome and the Awareness Month, please check out the National Down Syndrome Society website at

Which of the performances listed below by actors with Down Syndrome do you consider the greatest?

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    Chris Burke in Life Goes On (1989)

    Chris Burke as Corky Thatcher - Life Goes On (1989)
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    Chris Burke and Andrea F. Friedman in Life Goes On (1989)

    Andrea F. Friedman as Amanda Swanson - Life Goes On (1989)
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    Daniel Auteuil and Pascal Duquenne in The Eighth Day (1996)

    Pascal Duquenne as Georges - The Eighth Day (1996)
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    Lindsay Duncan and Paula Sage in AfterLife (2003)

    Paula Sage as Roberta Brogan - AfterLife (2003)
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    Edward Barbanell in The Ringer (2005)

    Edward Barbanell as Billy - The Ringer (2005)
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    John Taylor in The Ringer (2005)

    John Taylor as Rudy - The Ringer (2005)
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    Nashawn Kearse and Christopher Scott in My Brother (2006)

    Christopher Scott as James Morton - My Brother (2006)
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    Pascal Duquenne in The Room (2006)

    Pascal Duquenne as Alex - The Room (2006)
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    Nicholas Hoult and Tommy Jessop in Coming Down the Mountain (2007)

    Tommy Jessop as Ben Philips - Coming Down the Mountain (2007)
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    Emily Watson and Krystal Hope Nausbaum in The Memory Keeper's Daughter (2008)

    Krystal Hope Nausbaum as Phoebe - The Memory Keeper's Daughter (2008)
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    Luke Zimmerman in The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008)

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    Lauren Potter in Glee (2009)

    Lauren Potter as Becky Jackson - Glee (2009)
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    Lola Dueñas and Pablo Pineda in Me Too (2009)

    Pablo Pineda as Daniel - Me Too (2009)
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    Sarah Gordy as Pamela Holland - Upstairs Downstairs (2010)
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    Jamie Brewer in American Horror Story

    Jamie Brewer as Adelaide 'Addy' Langdon - American Horror Story (2011): Murder House
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    Vanessa Paradis and Marin Gerrier in Café de Flore (2011)

    Marin Gerrier as Laurent - Café de Flore (2011)
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    Isaac Leyva in Any Day Now (2012)

    Isaac Leyva as Marco Deison - Any Day Now (2012)
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    Daniel Laurie in Call the Midwife (2012)

    Daniel Laurie as Reggie Jackson - Call the Midwife (2012)
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    Jamie Brewer in American Horror Story (2011)

    Jamie Brewer as Nan - American Horror Story (2011): Coven 2013
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    David DeSanctis in Where Hope Grows (2014)

    David DeSanctis as Produce - Where Hope Grows (2014)
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    Amber House in Touched by Grace (2014)

    Amber House as Grace - Touched by Grace (2014)
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    Liam Bairstow in Coronation Street (1960)

    Liam Bairstow as Alex Warner - Coronation Street (1960)
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    Ted Sutherland and Margaret Rosiello in Rise (2018)

    Margaret Rosiello as Emma Saunders - Rise (2018)

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