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Poll: Who Should Be the Next Doctor Who?

Peter Capaldi revealed that the upcoming 10th season of "Doctor Who (2005)" is set to be his last as the Time Lord. Which of these potential replacements chosen by IMDb Staff and IMDb Poll Board members would you most like to see play the next Doctor Who?

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    Martin Freeman

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    Tilda Swinton

  3. Vote!

    Idris Elba

  4. Vote!

    Kate Winslet

  5. Vote!

    Tom Hiddleston

  6. Vote!

    Gemma Arterton

  7. Vote!

    Hayley Atwell

  8. Vote!

    Richard Ayoade

  9. Vote!

    Mathew Baynton

  10. Vote!

    Fiona Dourif

  11. Vote!

    Olivia Colman

  12. Vote!

    Hugh Laurie

  13. Vote!

    Dev Patel

  14. Vote!

    Iwan Rheon

  15. Vote!

    Aisha Tyler

  16. Vote!

    Tom Hollander

  17. Vote!

    Mary Berry

  18. Vote!

    Naomie Harris

  19. Vote!

    Sam Rockwell

  20. Vote!

    Helena Bonham Carter

  21. Vote!

    Hugh Dancy

  22. Vote!

    Ben Whishaw

  23. Vote!

    James Norton

  24. Vote!

    Emily Mortimer

  25. Vote!

    Kyle Soller

  26. Vote!

    Natalie Dormer

  27. Vote!

    Rory Kinnear

  28. Vote!

    Ben Daniels

  29. Vote!

    Rupert Grint

  30. Vote!

    Jason Flemyng

  31. Vote!

    Alexander Siddig

  32. Vote!

    Zawe Ashton

  33. Vote!

    Eddie Redmayne

  34. Vote!

    Tim Roth

  35. Vote!

    Kenneth Branagh

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